Would you like to buy or sell some staffs? Or is there something else you need?2,265
Would you like to buy or sell some staffs?857
Your teleport spell has been corrupted, Surok! I have placed a magic block on this room. You will remain here, under guard, in the library from now on.856
The king's mind has been restored to him and he has been teleported away to safety. Now, to deal with Surok!855
For you, my friend, maybe. Take a look in the barrel in the corner.835
Take this beacon ring and some instructions.812
Won't he what?799
I very much expect so. It may turn nasty, so be on your guard. I hope we can stop him before he can cast his spell! Make sure you have that ring I gave you.796
Rat has told me that you are to be made an honorary member of the VPSG so that you can arrest Surok. If you have any questions about this, ask Rat.795
I cannot. I must look after my shop here and I have lots to do. Rest assured, I will come when you summon me.792
Listen carefully. For the spell to succeed, the king must be made very weak. If his mind is controlled, you will need to fight him until he is all but dead.790
Ah, yes; You must be %USERNAME%! Rat sent word that you would be coming. Everything is prepared. I have created a spell that will remove the mind control from the king.789
You will not escape justice this time, Surok!714
Thank you for your help, %USERNAME%. I will put the room back in order and then I must leave. Surok is defeated and will be no more trouble for us. We will guard him more closely from now on!693
Then and ONLY then, use your ring to summon me. I will teleport to you and cast the spell that will cure the king.568
Once you have read the instructions, it will be time for you to arrest Surok.568
One last thing: you must remember that as part of the VPSG, we must remain secretive at all times. For this reason, I cannot discuss matters such as this unless absolutely necessary!558
Yes, of course, %USERNAME%. Here you are. Please bear in mind that this ring has no charges left with which to summon me, however.179
No, I'm afraid I can't help you.65
The king's still too strong! We had better get out of here!53
It's too late! I cast the spell as soon as you summoned me, but it was too early! We need to withdraw and plan our attack again!52
There's still one in your inventory, %USERNAME%!25
Okay, Surok, your time is ov...hey! What gives? You don't need me yet! Why did you use the ring?18
Go and get the one that's in your bank, %USERNAME%!15
Well, 'stick' your head in again if you change your mind.14
Yes. You have done well, %USERNAME%. You are to be commended for your actions!14
Well, when I disrupted Surok's spell, he will have been sealed in the library, but we will still need to keep an eye on him, just in case.14
When you are ready, report back to Rat and he will reward you.14
Look, stop messing around! My shop doesn't look after itself, you know! Hmm. Perhaps I could invent a spell that would do that...13
What are you doing, %USERNAME%? I'm right here! Why are you trying to summon me again?13
Sadly, however, after this I will not be able to discuss these matters with you again. They are secret and we must be vigilant. The VPSG will prevail!12
The king was not weak enough and Surok's power over him was still too strong! You must weaken the king further before summoning me. Otherwise, we will fail.5
I am afraid we must try again. We will defeat Surok this time. I am sure of it!5
Go ahead!5
Well, stop playing around; I'm a busy man!4
You have one already. It's there in your inventory!4
You've still got the last one I gave you on your finger!3
First, free up 2 inventory spaces so I can give you a couple of things.2
Make sure you have read the instructions I gave you about the ring. Then, when you are ready, go to Surok and arrest him!2
You're wearing it. There. On your finger!1
Well, I do happen to have another one here that you can have. Please try and be a bit more careful with this one!1
I would be happy to give you another ring, but I'm afraid you don't have enough inventory space for it!1