And why should I help you, fool? You attack my brethren and I, and then you demand my help! I think not!752
Fairy Nuff sent you! 750
This is grave news indeed! 748
He's rumoured to have been seen near Port Sarim with his followers recently. Rumour has it that he's working on a spell that has something to do with fungus!745
Don't mention it, and give my regards to Nuff, when you see her next.745
Hmm...yes...slow discorporation of ethereal body, eh? Hmm...I think I know what the problem might be.743
Patience, I'm getting to that. It appears the Fairy Queen has lost a large part, indeed the majority, of her life essence. Either it was drained from her by the Tanglefoot or she did it voluntarily.743
Yes, but if I were you I would seek out a necromancer by the name of Malignus Mortifer. I believe that he once fought a Tanglefoot, many years ago.743
From what I know about fairies, their basic lifeforce is pure magic. Much as we humans would refer to our souls as our life essence, so too does a fairy have a life essence of pure magic.742
You think the Tanglefoot is responsible? I don't see how that could be. A Tanglefoot will normally kill its victim outright...unless...hmmm...I wonder...548
How is she? I owe her a great deal, she saved me from a mortal injury I sustained when I was investigating the nature of Otherworldly beings. So, how can I help?545
Although why she would do that is beyond me.533
You could actually refer to fairies as magic embodied and not be wrong.530
You should probably ask him for advice on how to combat it.529
I don't suppose you could give me more details about the Fairy Queen's condition, could you?520
My name is Zandar Horfyre, and you %USERNAME% are trespassing in my tower, not to mention attacking my students! I thank you to leave immediately!105
Actually, that wasn't an invitation. I've tried being polite, now we'll do it the hard way!41
Good! And don't forget to close the door behind you!35
Well, I can't diagnose the problem without knowing the symptoms. You'd better go and find that list, or get Fairy Nuff to give you another one.3