What are you doing...Oh, it's you...sorry...didn't realise...what can I do for you?8,010
Ahh excellent, let's have those! Watch and learn...1,074
There, the sand pit will now magically refill. No more work for Bert! 1,070
Alas poor Clarence, I knew him well.1,069
Well, well...I think this Sandy needs a lesson, please bring me 5 earth runes and a bucket of sand.1,065
Don't question me or you'll end up as braindead as that legless Guard Captain!1,062
All my.... whatever do you mean...?1,048
That's silly! No one would kill a wizard... would they?1,048
Bert? Ahh yes, the sandman who seems to have been working very long hours recently. Let's see that hand...1,046
Oh my! This is most definitely Clarence, my most able student! You must find out who did this!1,045
Well.... Ask Bert about the long hours he's been working, that sounds suspicious to me. Digging things up at all hours of the day isn't natural.1,044
Oh? Did he kill Clarence?1,020
I recognise that type of scroll! It's used in a mind altering spell of some sort. Did you speak to this... Sandy guy? Perhaps he has a hand in this.1,019
Even more suspicious! Here, take this magical scrying orb and get some Truth Serum from Betty in Port Sarim, she owes me a favour, just tell her I sent you if she complains.1,019
Hmmm, now this is interesting! Where did you get these from?1,018
This is very troubling %USERNAME%, very troubling indeed. While it's permitted for learned members of our order to research the 'dark arts', it's absolutely forbidden to make use of such magic.1,016
Well a wizard by the name of 'Sithik Ints' was doing some research in this area. He may know something about it. He's lodged at that guest house to the North, though he's ill and isn't able to leave his room.1,013
We must find the rest of Clarence, I've sent some wizards out to some of the sandpits, would you please check the Entrana sandpit?923
Bring me a vial and I'll help you a little more.859
Hmmm, well that is interesting.828
Ok, would you like me to transport you to Port Sarim? I'm sticking my neck out a bit helping you like this and can only do it once though!828
Thank you %USERNAME%, we shall bury him today. I have sent word for the guards to arrest Sandy, so no one will ever see him again!828
Hmm, yes, but someone could have stolen that from him and then gone and cast it without his permission or to try and deliberately implicate him.827
That doesn't mean anything in itself, you could have gotten that from anywhere. Even from the Dragon Inn tavern! There isn't anything to link Brentle Vahn with Sithik Ints.821
Off you go then, break a leg!821
Ok, so he's researching doesn't mean anything in itself.816
So what, hating monsters isn't a crime in itself...although I suppose that it does give a motive if Sithik was involved. On its own, it's not enough evidence though.812
What are you doing ringing that bell?! Don't you think some of us have work to do?791
Then you will be equipped to ask Sandy a few questions. Oh Clarence, I will find your murderer!728
There's a severe penalty for using the 'dark arts'. If you find any evidence to the contrary, please bring it to me.727
Why not go and talk to him, poke around a bit and see if anything comes up. Let me know how you get on. However, I doubt that 'Sithik' had anything to do with it.716
Well...anyway...we're very busy here, hurry up what do you want?712
Hmm, that black prism seems to have some magical protection. Once you've finished with this item, bring it back to me would you. I may have a reward for you.693
And I'm starting to think that Sithik may be involved. Here, take this potion and give some to Sithik. It'll bring on a change which should solicit some answers - tell him the effects won't revert until he's told the truth.531
What are you doing bothering me? Don't you think some of us have work to do?529
Well... I am, I suppose, anyway... we're very busy here, hurry up, what do you want?502
Yeah, you've shown me this before...if this is all the evidence you have?377
Ok, let me look then.374
You really mean you forgot? Bring me 5 earth runes and 1 bucket of sand to help stop that moneygrabbing Sandy!197
This is the finest wizards' establishment in the land. We have magic portals to the other towers of wizardry around Gielinor. We have a particularly wide collection of runes in our rune shop. We sell some of the finest186
You need a magic level of 66, the high magic energy level is too dangerous for anyone below that level.163
Don't you worry about Sithik, he's not likely to be moving from his bed for a long time. When he eventually does get better, he's going to be sent before a disciplinary tribunal, then we'll sort out what's what.157
mage robes in the land and we have a training area full of zombies for you to practice your magic on.148
Ooohh, no thanks required. It's I who should be thanking you my friend...your investigative mind has shown how vigilant we really should be for this type of evil use of the magical arts.136
Did you visit the Entrana sandpit yet? Ask the worker there if he's found an arm or a leg.135
Thank you so much for helping to lay Clarence to rest and lock up his murderer!125
I'm the Grand Secretary for the Wizards' Guild, I have lots of correspondence to keep up with, as well as attending to the discipline of the more problematic guild members.111
Did you find out who killed Clarence yet?99
However, there isn't enough evidence for me to take the issue further at this point. If you find any further evidence bring it to me.90
Ah yes, I remember saying something about a reward didn't I? Well, I can offer you 2000 coins for it as it stands, but I know that Yanni Salika in Shilo Village would offer you more than twice as much. 71
What would you like to do?69
Have you used that potion yet?61
He's in that house just to the north, less than a few seconds walk away. He's a lodger and has a room upstairs...he's not very well though.60
Very well my friend.54
You should go and have a chat with Sithik Ints, he's in that house just to the north. He's a lodger and has a room upstairs. Just tell him that I sent you to see him. He should be fine once you've mentioned my name.53
Hmmm, no, that's not really associated with this to be honest. Did you find anything else there?52
I don't know what to say then, there isn't enough to go on with the clues you've shown me so far. I'd suggest going back to search a bit more, but you may just be wasting your time?52
Ok, that's good, that should work. Pop back in a little while to see Sithik and start questioning him.47
Hmm, this is a half torn spell page, it requires another spell component to be effective. Did you find anything else there?46
Hmmm, well this is an uncommon spell component. On it's own it's useless, but with certain necromantic spells it can be very powerful. Did you find anything else there?44
I don't know what to say then really, there isn't enough to go on here as it is. I'd suggest going back to search a bit more, but you may just be wasting your time.38
Hmm, but this prism does seem to have some magical protection. Once you've finished with this item, bring it back to me would you? I may have a reward for you!29
Hmmm, well this is an uncommon spell component. On it's own it's useless, but with certain necromantic spells it can be very powerful.23
Hmm, it seems to have some magical protection. Once you've finished with this item, bring it back to me would you. I may have a reward for you.23
Hmm, great...but I already know what he looks like!21
Try to use the potion on Sithik somehow, he should undergo an interesting transformation, though you'll probably want to leave the house in case there are any side effects. Then go back and question Sithik and tell18
Well, either the Dragon Inn is now delivering to the Ogres at Jiggig or a patron of the Dragon Inn visited the ogre area. That seems quite logical to me.14
Yes, you've already showed me that, bring it to me when you've resolved the problems at Jiggig and I'll see what I can do.13
him the effects won't wear off until he tells the truth. In fact, that's not exactly true, but I'm sure it'll be an extra incentive to get him to be honest.12
Sure, go ahead, ask away.12
Have you made the serum and talked to Sandy yet?11
Fair enough my friend, you deserve it!10
Who the demonikin is that? Is it meant to be a portrait of Sithik, it doesn't look anything like him!4
Fair enough my friend, you deserve it, but you may find that the village is in need of some assistance before you can actually get your reward.3
Unfortunately I've already helped you with one teleport, get some exercise - your legs won't fall off!3
Ok, suit yourself!2
Sure, but don't lose it this time.1
I'm happy to help as much as I can but you have to remember that I'm quite busy. If you find any more clues about what happened at Jiggig, I'll consider them with an open mind - that's as much as I can offer.1