State thy allegiance stranger.1,197
I am afraid my task can be entrusted to nobody else. Saradomin has asked me alone to do this. I cannot take the slightest risk of losing this key. The stakes are too high.1,132
Well, below the very ground you stand upon lies an intricate network of tunnels that make up the abandoned Mort Ridge mines. These mines used to be a valuable resource to the inhabitants of Morytania.1,109
Because the mines are said to be haunted. The crystals and the ridge used to be protected by Zamorak's mage, Treus Dayth.1,099
Indeed I have found hope that this may be so. By making discreet inquiries I have been led to believe that a second entrance may exist into the mines.1,079
You know not what you deal with. There is evil in that mine and, whatever your assurances, I cannot risk you falling to the creatures within.1,046
As with many things, this changed when Misthalin was finally able to push the minions of Morytania back, and Saradomin himself blessed the river Salve.840
Further, I have come into possession of a key that will apparently afford entrance to the lower levels of the mines once inside.807
Dayth failed and fell during an incursion by Saradominists, who then made it into the mines and were able to remove a shard of crystal.788
These crystals are thought to be formed by the blessed water of the river Salve as it percolates through the rocks to the lower levels of the mine.759
Saradomin has entrusted me alone with the task of regaining access to the mines, whatever the dangers.751
Further, Zamorak's then ruler upon the land ordered the slaughter of anyone within the mines and that the mines be sealed.750
It is not known what happened to the salve amulet, but it is generally believed that by encapsulating within it some of the goodness of Saradomin himself, it afforded the bearer power over evil.721
Zamorak, furious at his mage, condemned Dayth's soul indefinitely to an existence of turmoil in the mines. Dayth's soul is bound to prevent the crystals from ever being reached again.721
The mines are also the site where the legendary artefact, the salve amulet, was thought to have been carved from the crystals that grow in the lower levels of the mine.690
Ah, a wise choice my friend. But if you truly follow Saradomin, what brings you to these evil lands?592
A noble cause indeed. One that I can sympathise with, for I myself am upon a quest. One that will allow Saradomin to be glorified even in these dark lands.553
It is said that some of the workers in the mines, merely from being in the presence of these crystals, found themselves bestowed with the love of Saradomin.533
Of this I am not yet sure. From what I have been able to gather, it was not originally built for humans to enter by. Where it may be, I am still endeavoring to find out.528
Then your life is without reason or direction. I would talk to you further on the matter, but for now my attentions must be elsewhere.463
I am upon a quest. One that will allow Saradomin to be glorified even in these dark lands.461
Of course I'll be safe, my faith in Saradomin protects me.401
The advantage to our cause was considered too great by some within Morytania. They set about mercilessly and brutally killing everyone in the mines rather than risk losing them to us.387
The mines are now rumoured to be haunted by the souls of all those brutally and needlessly killed.329
Such is the treachery of the servants of evil, that they even destroy their own kind without a moments thought.304
Hello again. I'm afraid I'm rather preoccupied. What was it you wanted?239
Although the amulet was lost, it is my hope that if I can make it into the mines I can craft another.108
A wishy washy set of beliefs. You should follow Saradomin and find a real purpose in your life.107
Witness the goodness of Saradomin, that he has granted you the wisdom to see our positions in perspective.103
Saradomin grant me patience. The answer is no.83
To further the glory of Saradomin of course.79
Saradomin provides for my every need. There is nothing you could offer me.79
Take myself, I am upon a quest that will allow Saradomin to be glorified even in these dark lands.78
That hardly seems likely. There is no way you could have made it to the bottom of the mines without the key which is in my possession.77
Saradomin watches over me, I am not troubled by those who are not meant to notice.65
Saradomin will protect me. Even if I should fall there are many behind me who would stand in my place.65
My key, where is it? You stole it?49
You should believe not in luck, but in the protection of Saradomin. Farewell.48
Return that key to me now!47
Good, maybe all is not lost, despite your apparent lack of common sense.27
Then begone. Normally I would strike you down in an instant, but for now I have no time. I am on a quest of the utmost importance.27
Saradomin has granted you wisdom. The evil creatures of this land are cunning and you are right to question anyone's purpose here.22
I look only to help those who are misguided.21
Arrrrrrrgh, you're unbelievable. Get out of my sight.21
Mock me not, this is a serious task I am undertaking. I don't have the time for your halfwitted attempt at humour.21
It is no concern of yours, but rest assured it will help in crushing you and those others who serve your vile master.17
From what I have heard they would be put to best use in the slaying of the evil undead, the zombies and skeletons that walk this land.16
I would expect nothing less of you, misguided as you already are.16
I shall pray that Saradomin grants you the wisdom to see through your folly.11
Then it is fortunate for us that Saradomin has guided you. Success certainly doesn't seem likely to have stemmed from rational behaviour on your part.10
Indeed? My own inquiries have led me into possession of a key. I was informed that this key would apparently afford entrance to the lower levels. It therefore seems likely that this is the key which you seek.10
You are foolhardy indeed should you venture inside. The presence of evil is strong within the mines. If you take the risk I shall pray for your safety, although I hold little hope for your safe return.8
Borrowed!? You stole it!8
Although you may not realise it, Saradomin works quietly in many people, such is the folly of looking with your eyes and not with your heart.7
I would rather be cut into little pieces whilst proclaiming the goodness of Saradomin than hiding my faith.6
Let not your faith in Saradomin falter, for all else is insignificant.6
Then leave me, I have no time to listen to your poisonous tongue.5
Goodbye, and may Saradomin give you strength through wisdom.5
I warned you not to enter those mines. It sounds like you've met Dayth. You must not go back down there.2
I don't know if you think your persistance makes you heroic, but you must realise it's just going to get you killed.2
Meddling fool, there are bigger things at stake here than you and your petty thieving intellect can understand.1
I was afraid this would happen. The fear you must have experienced within those mines has left you delusional. There's no way you could have survived had you actually fought Dayth.1