Hey yerself, landlubber!236
That be the most intimidatin' thing I've ever heard! I'm not messin' with you!229
Yer goin ter die!144
Yer brave, but stupid!60
Arr! Prepare to die!51
Yer a deadman, sez I!38
Who? Me?11
Arrgh! It's him! Run fer it lads!8
Egad! 'Tis him!7
Be there anything I can say to get out of here undead?3
No! Not the flyswatter! I'll be good!2
Egad! 'Tis her!1
(Gulp) Be there anything ye want, sir?1
Arr! Do what ye like, just don't hurt my face!1
Arrgh! It's her! Run fer it lads!1