Enough of this! You've had your fun!1,158
But that fun is at an end!1,158
You will now face the full might of my power!1,158
Yes, come on Dragon Slayer. Let's see what you've got.1,156
Well look who it is. I see you're still alive.1,151
See how the mighty fall.1,151
We shall see...1,150
We shall see.1,149
Why do you persist? Can't you see you've already lost?1,142
Your precious hero is gone! Your friends have abandoned you!1,142
Ah, I see you brought your friend with you. I'm surprised to see you here after all this time. Curious.727
You gave her a name? I never bothered, she was nothing.696
Hello Robert. You've had quite the makeover.691
Yes. He has power that no other dragon has. The power to influence the minds of other dragons. Through him, an army will be raised. One that will annihilate humanity.667
I don't think you have a choice. Let me show you...648
We dragonkin are not as flimsy as you. I'm afraid you failed.626
You I don't recognise. Who are you?624
You dare!610
Is that so? Tell me, Dallas Jones, what answers do you seek?608
Release us!606
Elvarg? Crandor? These names mean nothing to me.594
The creature you call Elvarg was the first. An attempt to create a being which would crush humanity once and for all. She was a failure. Too weak. Pathetic.584
After your failed attempt on my life, I realised that we were starting to lose the war against your kind. We needed to turn the tide. We needed a new weapon.579
I suspected as much. However, it turned out quite well for me in the end. I have been sealed here for hundreds of years, alone and without disturbance. More than enough time for me to perfect our salvation.552
We moved on. We tried various other methods, all ending in disappointment. In the end we came here, our largest facility yet. Here we began work on what would become our masterpiece.549
Yes, an annoying setback. When you attacked, I had this place sealed, to keep our work safe. My people were to return after the attack and release me again.548
Humanity is a disease. You have just unleashed the cure.545
Why? You attacked us, tried to destroy us. You took away our homes, our people. Were we expected to stand by and watch?533
Not all of us. Only a few gave in to the anger of the curse. Only a few waged war on you. But you were not willing to distinguish. And now, neither am I.522