Ugh... Well met, adventurer. I wouldn't go down there if I were you. That trap is an absolute nightmare! The one who created it must be a sadist. I don't know of anyone who has cleared it.390
Oh? Are you pulling my leg, adventurer?263
No need to add salt in the wound.257
I see, you're clearly more skillful than I. I'm not sure if I'd be agile enough to do that. Do tell, what was on the next floor?248
I see. Well, I guess I'd better brush up on my skills if I want to see it for myself. Nothing worth having in life comes easy right?230
Although I am curious, how did you beat the trap?226
Well, unlike the rest of the traps I've seen so far, you have to deal with both an arrow trap and a fire trap at the same time.80
Well, individually they aren't that hard to do. The fires are always swapping between on and off. I think that if you run to where the fire just was you should be safe.70
The hardest part for me is the arrows. You have to look forward to watch the fire trap whilst also looking over your shoulder to see where the arrows are.52
Of course, but we both know that's impossible for one person! Ouch! Sorry, it hurts to laugh. I wish you luck adventurer!52
I certainly wish there was a way to see both at once. Perhaps it would help if a fellow adventurer was looking down from above to call out where the arrows are.52