Hey, you there! Do you have a grapple I can borrow?11
I need it to grapple to that pillar over there and get some treasure of course. What else could I need it for?11
Well, I made my way to Morytania in search of a place called the Ba... Barlows? I've heard it's a great way to earn gold.11
Yeah, that's what I said!11
The weird hooded guy at the top said that if I get him some hollow marks, he'll help me escape.11
Yeah, that's what I said. Don't you listen?11
So, can I borrow a grapple?11
Anyway, I got lost on the way there and was abducted by some vampyres! However, I'm so sneaky I managed to escape and find this place.10
Keep your grapple then noob. I can make that jump without it anyway.8
None of your business.8
Pfft,I'm level 50 Ranged. Over half-way to 99, getting over there will be a breeze.3
Maybe you do with that attitude.3