Download the current version of the RS3 cache that chisel has available.
FileSizeModifiedLinkDiff sizeDiff links
items27.5 MiB13:40:08 26 July 2021download73.4 KiBviewdownload
npcs12.9 MiB13:40:00 26 July 2021download53.3 KiBviewdownload
locations39.4 MiB13:40:38 26 July 2021download33.7 KiBviewdownload
structs9.1 MiB13:39:49 26 July 2021download47.4 KiBviewdownload
dbrows1.7 MiB13:38:30 26 July 2021download7.1 KiBviewdownload
enums3.6 MiB13:39:00 26 July 2021download33.0 KiBviewdownload
achievements1.8 MiB13:38:25 26 July 2021download20.2 KiBviewdownload
quests384.6 KiB13:38:45 26 July 2021download241.0 Bviewdownload
params336.9 KiB13:38:37 26 July 2021download1.9 KiBviewdownload
versions4.9 MiB13:39:44 26 July 2021download94.6 KiBviewdownload
bestiary3.3 MiB00:01:15 28 July 2021download245.0 Bviewdownload
alog8.0 MiB23:23:40 21 November 2020download25.0 Bviewdownload
For space reasons we don't store historical caches on chisel. You can download them from my Google Drive here. Let me know if you have any issues with the current or historical caches.