Add some equa leaves for the finishing touch.{ "1267": 8, "1268": 854, "1269": 1500, "1272": 1, "1282": 308563375, "1286": 308579766, "1290": 2, "1322": 1, "2226": 1, "achievement_requirement_type_1": 16, "achievement_requirement_value_1": 10, "challenge_reward_text": "", "daily_challenge_hint_1": "Talk to Aluft Gianne snr. to learn how to cook gnome food.", "daily_challenge_hint_2": "Read the book Aluft gives you.", "daily_challenge_hint_3": "Talk to Aluft again to get the ingredients for some toad crunchies (Equa Leaves, Gianne dough, Gnome spice, Toad's legs and a Crunchy tray).", "daily_challenge_hint_4": "Use the dough with the crunchies tray.", "daily_challenge_hint_5": "Use the tray with an oven to create half-baked crunchies.", "daily_challenge_hint_6": "Use the tray on an oven again.", "daily_challenge_hint_7": "Add some equa leaves for the finishing touch.", "daily_challenge_name": "Gnome Cuisine", "daily_challenge_sprite_id": 9502, "daily_challenge_step": "Cook some toad crunchies." }
Free players can only enchant amulets.{ "1282": 52497577, "1322": 1, "2225": "Enchanted jewellery has a wide range of effects including teleports, smelting assistance, damage reflection in combat and even improved luck.", "6415": 1, "achievement_description": "Successfully cast Level-1 Enchant on an item of jewellery.", "achievement_id": 404, "achievement_name": "Absolutely Enchanting", "achievement_requirement_type_1": 4, "achievement_requirement_value_1": 7, "achievement_sprite_id": 4230, "daily_challenge_hint_1": "You will need level 7 Magic to cast this spell.", "daily_challenge_hint_2": "You will also need a 1 water rune and 1 cosmic rune, and an item of sapphire jewellery to cast it on.", "daily_challenge_hint_3": "The magic shop in Varrock sells water runes.", "daily_challenge_hint_4": "Completing the achievement Not So Confusing After All will allow you to claim a sapphire amulet and a cosmic rune from Explorer Jack in Lumbridge, or any other taskmaster.", "daily_challenge_hint_5": "Open your Magic Spellbook and locate the Lvl-1 Enchant skilling spell.", "daily_challenge_hint_6": "Left-click Lvl-1 Enchant, then left-click the jewellery you wish to enchant.", "daily_challenge_hint_7": "Free players can only enchant amulets." }