1959{ "2096": 46, "2097": 1, "2099": 0, "2100": 1959, "2101": 8273, "2118": 8074, "2119": 8074, "2120": 8074, "2121": 8074, "2123": 38, "2124": 32, "dominion_tower_active_monster_id_1": 14496, "dominion_tower_battle_description": "To his mates he's known as Victor (not that he probably has many). He was a follower of Zaros before he tried to kill him in an act of allegiance to Zamorak, but when Zaros was defeated he swapped back to following Zamorak. His hobbies include preying on naive travellers that visit Draynor Manor, practicing long theatrical speeches and fashion.

Quest: Vampyre Slayer

Combat: A stake through the heart, sunlight, garlic; all items on the count's least favourite list. He attacks with melee and you need to be carrying a stake and hammer (items provided in arena) when dealing the killing blow.", "dominion_tower_battle_title": "Count Draynor", "dominion_tower_inert_monster_id_1": 14495, "dominion_tower_monster_lifepoints": 4000, "dominion_tower_monster_shout_1": "Mmmm. I can smell your blood!" }