1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "As your Cooking skill improves, your chances of success will increase.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Burnt Food" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Burnt food has no value, so the best thing to do is discard it.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Burnt Food" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Some items can be combined together.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Combining items" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": " I've placed some of my enormous riches inside these chests, and I'm letting anyone who can bring me Treasure Hunter keys open them and keep the prizes inside!", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Treasure Hunter" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "You can open one chest per game, and it will cost you one key to get the goodies waiting inside. To play, simply click a chest!
Good luck, and remember to come and see me every day if you want your free keys!", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Treasure Hunter: Chests" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Welcome to the
Bonus Chest Giveaway!

Open the bonus chest on the main Treasure Hunter window.

The bonus chest contains double or triple the normal prizes and you can see what it holds before you open it!", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Welcome to Bonus Chest Giveaway" }
1{ "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Items you have equipped can be seen in the Worn Equipment interface.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Worn Equipment" }
1{ "3825": "You have burned your food!", "3826": 16711680, "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "When you first start cooking, there is a chance you will burn your food.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Burnt Food" }
1{ "3825": "You caught some fish!", "3832": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Most items you pick up will be stored in your backpack.", "interface_messages/tooltip_sprite_id": 18902, "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "Inventory" }