1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Talk to the recruiter to find out more about the Armadylean faction.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Armadylean Recruiter" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Talk to the recruiter to find out more about the Bandosian faction.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Bandosian Recruiter" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "This is a site where you can construct buildings to aid your faction by providing a teleport destination, speeding up gathering or reinforcing convoys at this node.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Buildings" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "You have died! Fortunately your god will protect you if you die in the world event.
When you die you will lose no items other than heroic skulls.
If killed in PvP, you will also not be able to teleport to friendly buildings for a short while.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Death" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Your enemies have constructed a building on this site, giving benefits to their followers and their convoys. You could try to tear it down.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Enemy Buildings" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "This is an enemy convoy seeking divine energy. When it is stopped, you can attack this convoy and send it home before it is full.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Enemy Convoy" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "This is a building built by members of your side, which will benefit your allies and your convoys. You can work on it to prevent it collapsing.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Friendly Buildings" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "This is an allied convoy which is seeking divine energy. You should follow this convoy to defend it from attack or help with divining.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Friendly Convoy" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Talk to the golem master to find out about constructing golems to aid in the battle.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Golem Master" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "The golem master would like to talk to you about his latest inventions - you can find out more upstairs.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Golem Master" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "You can use this board to find out about PvP gameplay and rewards, as well as to view local scores and recent PvP kills.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: PvP Board" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Talk to the quartermaster to find out about the rewards you can earn.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Quartermaster" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "Talk to the record keeper to find out about the strategic options you can vote on.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: Record Keeper" }
1{ "3999": 1, "interface_messages/tooltip_body": "You can use this map to track convoys, and also to teleport to friendly nodes. You may take a copy with you, although you can only teleport from the tower.", "interface_messages/tooltip_title": "World Event: War Map" }