1 basket of oranges{ "quiz_answer_1": "4 baskets of apples", "quiz_answer_2": " 1 basket of oranges", "quiz_answer_3": "5 baskets of bananas", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What farmer payment is required to protect a maple tree?" }
1{ "quiz_answer_1": "None", "quiz_answer_2": "1", "quiz_answer_3": "2", "quiz_answer_4": "3", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Timfraku, the leader of the Tai Bwo Wannai village, has how many sons?" }
1 coin{ "quiz_answer_1": "0 coins", "quiz_answer_2": "1 coin", "quiz_answer_3": "3 coins", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How much does it cost to tan a hide into leather in Varrock?" }
10{ "quiz_answer_1": "8", "quiz_answer_2": "10", "quiz_answer_3": "13", "quiz_answer_4": "16", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the Magic level requirement to cast Fire Strike?" }
10-15 years{ "quiz_answer_1": "5-10 years", "quiz_answer_2": "10-15 years", "quiz_answer_3": "15-20 years", "quiz_answer_4": "20-25 years", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The lifespan of tigers in the wild is thought to be about" }
115{ "quiz_answer_1": "96", "quiz_answer_2": "115", "quiz_answer_3": "125", "quiz_answer_4": "132", "quiz_answer_5": "140", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How much base experience do you receive for burying a dagannoth bone?" }
15{ "quiz_answer_1": "10", "quiz_answer_2": "15", "quiz_answer_3": "20", "quiz_answer_4": "25", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What Ranged level is required to wear studded leather armour?" }
150,000{ "quiz_answer_1": "100,000", "quiz_answer_2": "150,000", "quiz_answer_3": "200,000", "quiz_answer_4": "250,000", "quiz_answer_5": "300,000", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many tokens does a new main-hand chaotic crossbow cost?" }
185,000.{ "quiz_answer_1": "20,000.", "quiz_answer_2": "185,000.", "quiz_answer_3": "360,000.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "On average, how many bots does our specialist team remove from the game per month?" }
2{ "quiz_answer_1": "1", "quiz_answer_2": "2", "quiz_answer_3": "3", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How many gold tickets do you get for winning a Castle Wars game?" }
2{ "quiz_answer_1": "1", "quiz_answer_2": "2", "quiz_answer_3": "3", "quiz_answer_4": "4", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "To create the map during Dragon Slayer you need how many pieces?" }
2{ "quiz_answer_1": "1", "quiz_answer_2": "2", "quiz_answer_3": "3", "quiz_answer_4": "4", "quiz_answer_5": "5", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many Gower brothers are there?" }
20{ "quiz_answer_1": "15", "quiz_answer_2": "20", "quiz_answer_3": "25", "quiz_answer_4": "30", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the Smithing level required to smelt an iron bar?" }
200,000.{ "quiz_answer_1": "2,200.", "quiz_answer_2": "200,000.", "quiz_answer_3": "22,000.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "On average, how many account recovery appeals does Customer Support process per month?" }
2005.{ "quiz_answer_1": "2008.", "quiz_answer_2": "2005.", "quiz_answer_3": "2010.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What year did players start using emails to log into accounts?" }
2500{ "quiz_answer_1": "2000", "quiz_answer_2": "2500", "quiz_answer_3": "3000", "quiz_answer_4": "3500", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What combat level is Araxxor?" }
2574{ "quiz_answer_1": "2595", "quiz_answer_2": "2574", "quiz_answer_3": "2496", "quiz_answer_4": "138", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the highest total level you can achieve?" }
3{ "quiz_answer_1": "2", "quiz_answer_2": "3", "quiz_answer_3": "4", "quiz_answer_4": "5", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2002, Agility was added into the game as a support skill. How many OTHER skills are classed as support skills?" }
30{ "quiz_answer_1": "28", "quiz_answer_2": "30", "quiz_answer_3": "32", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What Magic level is required to cast the Create Gatestone spell?" }
30{ "quiz_answer_1": "20", "quiz_answer_2": "30", "quiz_answer_3": "40", "quiz_answer_4": "50", "quiz_answer_5": "60", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "In Dungeoneering, what level tier is zephyrium gear?" }
32{ "quiz_answer_1": "30", "quiz_answer_2": "32", "quiz_answer_3": "58", "quiz_answer_4": "62", "quiz_answer_5": "28", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many statue rocks can be collected a week?" }
4{ "quiz_answer_1": "3", "quiz_answer_2": "4", "quiz_answer_3": "5", "quiz_answer_4": "6", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Making an overload potion requires a torstol and how many potions?" }
40{ "quiz_answer_1": "32", "quiz_answer_2": "40", "quiz_answer_3": "42", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What Cooking level is required to enter the Cooks' Guild?" }
40{ "quiz_answer_1": "30", "quiz_answer_2": "40", "quiz_answer_3": "50", "quiz_answer_4": "60", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the Defence level requirement to wield elite black armour?" }
42{ "quiz_answer_1": "40", "quiz_answer_2": "42", "quiz_answer_3": "45", "quiz_answer_4": "47", "quiz_answer_5": "50", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What level tier is Void Knight equipment?" }
48{ "quiz_answer_1": "44", "quiz_answer_2": "48", "quiz_answer_3": "52", "quiz_answer_4": "54", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the Agility requirement to access the Ape Atoll course?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How many Kal'Gerion demons are there?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How many bankers are there in Draynor Bank?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How many floors are there in the Stronghold of Security?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Including the basement, how many floors does Lumbridge Castle have?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_answer_4": "7", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How many stages does Nex have?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "1", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "10", "quiz_answer_4": "12", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2015, Raids were launched. What is the maximum number of players in a Raids team?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_answer_4": "7", "quiz_answer_5": "8", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many player owned house portals are there?" }
50 Attack{ "quiz_answer_1": "40 Attack", "quiz_answer_2": "50 Attack", "quiz_answer_3": "40 Strength", "quiz_answer_4": "50 Strength", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "To wield a rune scimitar requires..." }
55{ "quiz_answer_1": "50", "quiz_answer_2": "55", "quiz_answer_3": "60", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Wat is the mining level requirement to enter the mining guild?" }
6{ "quiz_answer_1": "5", "quiz_answer_2": "6", "quiz_answer_3": "10", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the Mining level requirement to use a steel pickaxe?" }
6 barley malt{ "quiz_answer_1": "3 sacks of cabbage", "quiz_answer_2": "6 barley malt", "quiz_answer_3": "15 Asgarnian hops", "quiz_answer_4": "1 nasturtium", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What payment is required to protect Krandorian hops?" }
60{ "quiz_answer_1": "55", "quiz_answer_2": "60", "quiz_answer_3": "65", "quiz_answer_4": "67", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the Fishing level requirement to catch raw karambwan?" }
60{ "quiz_answer_1": "55", "quiz_answer_2": "60", "quiz_answer_3": "65", "quiz_answer_4": "70", "quiz_answer_5": "75", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What is the Woodcutting requirement to cut yew logs?" }
63{ "quiz_answer_1": "58", "quiz_answer_2": "63", "quiz_answer_3": "68", "quiz_answer_4": "73", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Enchanting level-5 jewellery requires a Magic level of..." }
65{ "quiz_answer_1": "62", "quiz_answer_2": "65", "quiz_answer_3": "68", "quiz_answer_4": "72", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What Prayer level unlocks Rapid Renewal?" }
7{ "quiz_answer_1": "6", "quiz_answer_2": "7", "quiz_answer_3": "8", "quiz_answer_4": "9", "quiz_answer_5": "10", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many spirit trees are there?" }
7 out of 10.{ "quiz_answer_1": "4 out of 10.", "quiz_answer_2": "7 out of 10.", "quiz_answer_3": "9 out of 10.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "On average, how many customers are satisfied with the service they receive?" }
750{ "quiz_answer_1": "500", "quiz_answer_2": "750", "quiz_answer_3": "800", "quiz_answer_4": "1000", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How many Agility tickets does a pirate's hook cost?" }
77 hours.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Within 24 hours.", "quiz_answer_2": "77 hours.", "quiz_answer_3": "At least 5 working days.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How long does it typically take Customer Support to respond to customers?" }
82{ "quiz_answer_1": "80", "quiz_answer_2": "82", "quiz_answer_3": "85", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What Magic level is required to cast the Teleblock spell?" }
9{ "quiz_answer_1": "6", "quiz_answer_2": "9", "quiz_answer_3": "13", "quiz_answer_4": "17", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How many countries in Asia still have tigers?" }
A chameleon{ "quiz_answer_1": "A monkey", "quiz_answer_2": "A chameleon", "quiz_answer_3": "A cat", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is Party Pete's pet?" }
A gold crown.{ "quiz_answer_1": "A silver crown.", "quiz_answer_2": "A gold crown.", "quiz_answer_3": "A purple party hat.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What should you look for when a Jagex moderator is in game?" }
A lizard{ "quiz_answer_1": "A tortoise", "quiz_answer_2": "A lizard", "quiz_answer_3": "A rat", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What animal can be found in Mr Mordaut's office?" }
A lute{ "quiz_answer_1": "A harp", "quiz_answer_2": "A lute", "quiz_answer_3": "An organ", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What musical instrument can be found on the bottom floor of the Wizards' Tower?" }
A monkey{ "quiz_answer_1": "An owl", "quiz_answer_2": "A monkey", "quiz_answer_3": "A tortoise", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following does the Lumbridge Sage keep as a pet?" }
Add them to your ignore list.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Screenshot the chat.", "quiz_answer_2": "Add them to your ignore list.", "quiz_answer_3": "Annoy them back!", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "If a player is annoying me in-game, what should I do?" }
Air Strike{ "quiz_answer_1": "Miasmic Barrage", "quiz_answer_2": "Air Strike", "quiz_answer_3": "Energy Transfer", "quiz_answer_4": "Charge", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following spells require the highest Magic level?" }
Air rune{ "quiz_answer_1": "Earth rune", "quiz_answer_2": "Air rune", "quiz_answer_3": "Water rune", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What rune do you need to finish an urn for the Woodcutting skill?" }
Ali Morrisane{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ali Mirza", "quiz_answer_2": "Ali Morrisane", "quiz_answer_3": "Ali the Camel", "quiz_answer_4": "Ali the Camel Man", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who is the owner of Ali\u0092s Discount Wares?" }
Ask them for proof.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Follow their instructions.", "quiz_answer_2": "Ask them for proof.", "quiz_answer_3": "Report and ignore them.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Someone in-game has messaged you inviting you to be a Player Moderator. You should..." }
Astralmancer{ "quiz_answer_1": "Runiomancer", "quiz_answer_2": "Astralmancer", "quiz_answer_3": "Oneiromancer", "quiz_answer_4": "Lunieromancer", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who looks over the Astral Altar?" }
Aubury{ "quiz_answer_1": "Betty", "quiz_answer_2": "Aubury", "quiz_answer_3": "Grim", "quiz_answer_4": "Lundail", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who owns the rune shop in Varrock?" }
Bandos{ "quiz_answer_1": "Armadyl", "quiz_answer_2": "Bandos", "quiz_answer_3": "Guthix", "quiz_answer_4": "Saradomin", "quiz_answer_5": "Zamorak", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Black Knights are followers of..." }
Bent Pipe{ "quiz_answer_1": "Pressure gauge", "quiz_answer_2": "Bent Pipe", "quiz_answer_3": "Large Cog", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "During the Ernest the Chicken quest, the professor requires a rubber tube, oil can and what to fix his machine?" }
Between 9AM-9PM (US time).{ "quiz_answer_1": "Day and night \u0096 24/7.", "quiz_answer_2": "Between 9AM-9PM (US time).", "quiz_answer_3": "Between 9AM-5PM (UK time).", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What times of the day do Customer Support work?" }
Big net{ "quiz_answer_1": "Small net", "quiz_answer_2": "Big net", "quiz_answer_3": "Harpoon", "quiz_answer_4": "Fishing rod", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Raw bass is caught with a..." }
Blind at birth{ "quiz_answer_1": "Always twins", "quiz_answer_2": "Blind at birth", "quiz_answer_3": "Guardians of Guthix", "quiz_answer_4": "Cared for by both parents", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Jaguar cubs are" }
Blue{ "quiz_answer_1": "Green", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue", "quiz_answer_3": "Red", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What colour is the dragon on display in Varrock Museum?" }
Blue{ "quiz_answer_1": "Red", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue", "quiz_answer_3": "Green", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What colour tears should you collect in Tears of Guthix?" }
Blue{ "quiz_answer_1": "Red", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue", "quiz_answer_3": "Yellow", "quiz_answer_4": "Green", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT the colour of a Hallowe'en mask?" }
Blue{ "quiz_answer_1": "Red", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue", "quiz_answer_3": "Yellow", "quiz_answer_4": "Green", "quiz_answer_5": "Purple", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What colour partyhat does the Wise Old Man take?" }
Blue Arm{ "quiz_answer_1": "Blood", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue Arm", "quiz_answer_3": "Bandit", "quiz_answer_4": "Phoenix", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is a gang that features in the Shield of Arrav Quest?" }
Blue Moon Inn, Varrock{ "quiz_answer_1": "The Shrimp and Parrot, Brimhaven", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue Moon Inn, Varrock", "quiz_answer_3": "Green Ghost Inn, Port Phasmatys", "quiz_answer_4": "Pick and Lute, Taverley", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Where would you find Alfonse the waiter?" }
Boris Barrington{ "quiz_answer_1": "Bard Roberts", "quiz_answer_2": "Boris Barrington", "quiz_answer_3": "Bill Blakey", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the name of the musician in Darkmeyer?" }
Brundt the Chieftain{ "quiz_answer_1": "King Vargas", "quiz_answer_2": "Brundt the Chieftain", "quiz_answer_3": "King Roald", "quiz_answer_4": "Queen Black Dragon", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who rules Varrock?" }
Burthorpe{ "quiz_answer_1": "Seers' Village", "quiz_answer_2": "Burthorpe", "quiz_answer_3": "Taverley", "quiz_answer_4": "Catherby", "quiz_answer_5": "Ardougne", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Where would you go to buy a Fletching skillcape?" }
By talking to an in game banker.{ "quiz_answer_1": "By contacting Customer Support.", "quiz_answer_2": "By talking to an in game banker.", "quiz_answer_3": "Via the Account Settings page.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How do you set up an in game bank PIN?" }
Canifis{ "quiz_answer_1": "Burthorpe", "quiz_answer_2": "Canifis", "quiz_answer_3": "Edgeville", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Where can you find Mazchna, the slayer master?" }
Caretaker{ "quiz_answer_1": "Curator", "quiz_answer_2": "Caretaker", "quiz_answer_3": "Archaeologist", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What position does Haig Halen hold in Varrock Museum?" }
Catherby{ "quiz_answer_1": "Taverley", "quiz_answer_2": "Catherby", "quiz_answer_3": "Piscatoris", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Alongside the Feldip hunting area, where else can you find a crimson swift?" }
Chairs{ "quiz_answer_1": "Benches", "quiz_answer_2": "Chairs", "quiz_answer_3": "Swings", "quiz_answer_4": "Wise Old Man's Lap", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2006, we quietly announced Construction by mentioning that players could sit on what item?" }
Check it out.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ignore it and e-mail", "quiz_answer_2": "Check it out.", "quiz_answer_3": "Just try it once.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "I've seen an ad which lets a bot level up my account for me. I should..." }
Chickfish{ "quiz_answer_1": "Swordchick", "quiz_answer_2": "Chickfish", "quiz_answer_3": "Chicksword", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "In Creature Creation, a Raw chicken and Raw swordfish can be combined on an altar to create what creature?" }
Chunk{ "quiz_answer_1": "Slice", "quiz_answer_2": "Chunk", "quiz_answer_3": "Shard", "quiz_answer_4": "Lump", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a piece of the dragon platebody?" }
Court Cases{ "quiz_answer_1": "Big Chinchompa", "quiz_answer_2": "Court Cases", "quiz_answer_3": "The Pit", "quiz_answer_4": "Goblin Flash Mobs", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The gorilla mask is a reward from which activity?" }
Creating forest protected areas{ "quiz_answer_1": "Restricting tourism", "quiz_answer_2": "Creating forest protected areas", "quiz_answer_3": "Building livestock enclosures", "quiz_answer_4": "Monitoring jaguar populations", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What are conservationists NOT doing to protect jaguars?" }
DLR{ "quiz_answer_1": "DJR", "quiz_answer_2": "DLR", "quiz_answer_3": "DKR", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following fairy codes takes you to the west of Sinclair Mansion?" }
Dalmatian{ "quiz_answer_1": "Terrier", "quiz_answer_2": "Dalmatian", "quiz_answer_3": "Labrador", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of these puppies can you see in the Yanille Pet Shop?" }
Dawn and dusk{ "quiz_answer_1": "Midnight", "quiz_answer_2": "Dawn and dusk", "quiz_answer_3": "Noon", "quiz_answer_4": "System update", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Jaguars are active around" }
Dead Manís Chest{ "quiz_answer_1": "Blue Moon Inn", "quiz_answer_2": "Dead Man\u0092s Chest", "quiz_answer_3": "Sinking Ship", "quiz_answer_4": "Rising Sun", "quiz_answer_5": "Rusty Anchor", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT on Alfred Grimhand\u0092s Bar Crawl?" }
Defiler{ "quiz_answer_1": "Spinner", "quiz_answer_2": "Defiler", "quiz_answer_3": "Brawler", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "In Pest Control, which monster heals the portal?" }
Defiler{ "quiz_answer_1": "Splatter", "quiz_answer_2": "Defiler", "quiz_answer_3": "Brawler", "quiz_answer_4": "Shifter", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the name of a monster in Pest Control that self-destructs?" }
Demon Slayer{ "quiz_answer_1": "Dragon Slayer", "quiz_answer_2": "Demon Slayer", "quiz_answer_3": "Vampyre Slayer", "quiz_answer_4": "Animal Magnetism", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Ernest the Chicken is a prerequisite for which quest?" }
Do what they ask.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Assume it's a scam.", "quiz_answer_2": "Do what they ask.", "quiz_answer_3": "Screenshot it for evidence.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "If a player messages me telling me I can easily earn loads of money, I should..." }
Double in size{ "quiz_answer_1": "Maintain birth weight", "quiz_answer_2": "Double in size", "quiz_answer_3": "Triple in size", "quiz_answer_4": "Quadruple in size", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How much do tiger cubs grow in their first month?" }
Drygore mace{ "quiz_answer_1": "Drygore rapier", "quiz_answer_2": "Drygore mace", "quiz_answer_3": "Drygore sword", "quiz_answer_4": "Drygore longsword", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a drygore weapon?" }
Dwarves{ "quiz_answer_1": "Goblins", "quiz_answer_2": "Dwarves", "quiz_answer_3": "Elves", "quiz_answer_4": "HAM", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "To which race does Doric belong?" }
Edgeville{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_2": "Edgeville", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Where can Nastroth be found?" }
Elder{ "quiz_answer_1": "Bright", "quiz_answer_2": "Elder", "quiz_answer_3": "Lustrous", "quiz_answer_4": "Fancy", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2013, Divination launched. Which of these is NOT a type of energy?" }
Elder Kiln{ "quiz_answer_1": "Stone of Jas", "quiz_answer_2": "Elder Kiln", "quiz_answer_3": "Staff of Armadyl", "quiz_answer_4": "Charmed sack", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT an Elder Artefact?" }
Emily{ "quiz_answer_1": "Amelia", "quiz_answer_2": "Emily", "quiz_answer_3": "Lucy", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Who is the bartender in the Rising Sun Inn, Falador?" }
Everything the provider offers.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Just a password.", "quiz_answer_2": "Everything the provider offers.", "quiz_answer_3": "Just a secondary email.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What security should I enable on my registered email address?" }
Evil John{ "quiz_answer_1": "Evil Dave", "quiz_answer_2": "Evil John", "quiz_answer_3": "Evil Bill", "quiz_answer_4": "Evil Simon", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The aspiring 'Evil-Doer' who lives in his mum's basement is called..." }
Eviltalker{ "quiz_answer_1": "Doomtalker", "quiz_answer_2": "Eviltalker", "quiz_answer_3": "Doomsayer", "quiz_answer_4": "Evilsayer", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "You can toggle your warning messages by speaking with?" }
Extra tasty jam{ "quiz_answer_1": "Super smooth butter", "quiz_answer_2": "Extra tasty jam", "quiz_answer_3": "Super large egg", "quiz_answer_4": "Extra whipped cream", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In the quest 'Cook's Assistant' you require Top-quality milk, Extra fine flour and what?" }
Fairy{ "quiz_answer_1": "Polar bear", "quiz_answer_2": "Fairy", "quiz_answer_3": "Penguin", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What animal rotates the ranged target in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza?" }
Fairytale Part 2{ "quiz_answer_1": "Fairytale Part 1", "quiz_answer_2": "Fairytale Part 2", "quiz_answer_3": "Fairytale Part 3", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "The Fairy Ring transportation network is unlocked during which quest?" }
Falador{ "quiz_answer_1": "Varrock", "quiz_answer_2": "Falador", "quiz_answer_3": "Ardougne", "quiz_answer_4": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_5": "Seers' Village", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Horacio is the Duke of..." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Bert in Ardougne gives you free sand every day." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Gunnar\u0092s Ground replaced the original Doric\u0092s Quest." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Hetty the witch has green skin." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Imps can teleport?" }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "In Balthazar\u0092s Big Top Bonanza, you can levitate an anvil." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Infernal mages can be found in the Slayer Tower." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Jatizso is situated east from Neitiznot." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Mud runes count as one earth and one fire rune." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "The Laughing Miner Pub is found in Keldagrim." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "The Priest in Peril quest must be completed to enter Mortyania." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "There a Turkey crest for the herald cape." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Wearing H.A.M clothing increases the chance of pickpocketing H.A.M members." }
False{ "quiz_answer_1": "True", "quiz_answer_2": "False", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "You can enter Runespan with level 1 Runecrafting." }
Father Reen{ "quiz_answer_1": "Father Urhney", "quiz_answer_2": "Father Reen", "quiz_answer_3": "Father Aereck", "quiz_answer_4": "Father Lawrence", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who gives you the ghostspeak amulet during the Restless Ghost quest?" }
Fernidad Muchluck{ "quiz_answer_1": "Fillian Mortlock", "quiz_answer_2": "Fernidad Muchluck", "quiz_answer_3": "Filliman Tarlock", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the original name of the nature spirit in Mort Myre?" }
Firemaking{ "quiz_answer_1": "Strength", "quiz_answer_2": "Firemaking", "quiz_answer_3": "Agility", "quiz_answer_4": "Magic", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2008, the Circus was launched. Which skill is NOT represented in the Big Top?" }
Fletching{ "quiz_answer_1": "Magic", "quiz_answer_2": "Fletching", "quiz_answer_3": "Cooking", "quiz_answer_4": "Firemaking", "quiz_answer_5": "Prayer", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a pair of brawling gloves?" }
Follow the link.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Report and ignore them.", "quiz_answer_2": "Follow the link.", "quiz_answer_3": "Share the link.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Someone is messaging me offering free stuff if I watch their video. I should..." }
Fountain{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tree", "quiz_answer_2": "Fountain", "quiz_answer_3": "Statue", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "The centrepiece of the Grand Exchange is a?" }
Game lobby.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Account Settings.", "quiz_answer_2": "Game lobby.", "quiz_answer_3": "The RuneScape homepage.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Where can you find a hint to your registered email address?" }
Goblins{ "quiz_answer_1": "Dwarves", "quiz_answer_2": "Goblins", "quiz_answer_3": "Humans", "quiz_answer_4": "TzHaar", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The Power Station is run by which RuneScape race?" }
Green{ "quiz_answer_1": "Red", "quiz_answer_2": "Green", "quiz_answer_3": "Blue", "quiz_answer_4": "Brown", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What colour armour do the goblins agree on?" }
Green Ghost Inn{ "quiz_answer_1": "Flying Horse Inn", "quiz_answer_2": "Green Ghost Inn", "quiz_answer_3": "Golden Harvest Inn", "quiz_answer_4": "Jolly Boar Inn", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a bar in Gielinor?" }
Griefers{ "quiz_answer_1": "Other predators", "quiz_answer_2": "Griefers", "quiz_answer_3": "XP waste", "quiz_answer_4": "Human hunting", "quiz_answer_5": "Kittens", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Jaguars are threatened by" }
Gundai{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lundail", "quiz_answer_2": "Gundai", "quiz_answer_3": "Kolodion", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is a banker in the Mage Arena?" }
Guyana{ "quiz_answer_1": "Mexico", "quiz_answer_2": "Guyana", "quiz_answer_3": "Argentina", "quiz_answer_4": "Karamja", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The jaguar is the national animal of:" }
Head of Noobs.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ban Hammer Boss.", "quiz_answer_2": "Head of Noobs.", "quiz_answer_3": "Customer Support Manager.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is Mod Kelvin's position at Jagex?" }
Helpful volunteer players.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Jagex staff personal accounts.", "quiz_answer_2": "Helpful volunteer players.", "quiz_answer_3": "Ex-player moderators.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What are Jagex Community Helpers?" }
High combat levels.{ "quiz_answer_1": "The Authenticator enabled.", "quiz_answer_2": "High combat levels.", "quiz_answer_3": "No offences on their account.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "All Player Moderators must have what?" }
Hit 'Support' on the website.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Speak to a town crier.", "quiz_answer_2": "Hit 'Support' on the website.", "quiz_answer_3": "Speak to a player moderator.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How do you access the RuneScape Support Centre?" }
Honest Jimmy{ "quiz_answer_1": "Honest Jamie", "quiz_answer_2": "Honest Jimmy", "quiz_answer_3": "Honest Tommy", "quiz_answer_4": "Honest Jackie", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who runs Trouble Brewing?" }
Husband and wife{ "quiz_answer_1": "Brother and sister", "quiz_answer_2": "Husband and wife", "quiz_answer_3": "Father and daughter", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the relationship between Lowerniel and Vanescula Drakan?" }
I should share my password.{ "quiz_answer_1": "I shouldn't set up a bank PIN.", "quiz_answer_2": "I should share my password.", "quiz_answer_3": "My registered email should be secure.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of these statements promotes good security advice?" }
Ice Mountain{ "quiz_answer_1": "White Wolf Mountain", "quiz_answer_2": "Ice Mountain", "quiz_answer_3": "Eagles Peak", "quiz_answer_4": "Wilderness Volcano", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The Oracle is found on which mountain?" }
Icefiend{ "quiz_answer_1": "Waterfiend", "quiz_answer_2": "Icefiend", "quiz_answer_3": "Earthfiend", "quiz_answer_4": "Pyrefiend", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a RuneScape Fiend?" }
Imp{ "quiz_answer_1": "Chaos dwarf", "quiz_answer_2": "Imp", "quiz_answer_3": "Skeleton", "quiz_answer_4": "Mummy", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following does NOT drop champion scrolls?" }
In account settings.{ "quiz_answer_1": "In the lobby.", "quiz_answer_2": "In account settings.", "quiz_answer_3": "By speaking to a bank clerk.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Where can players read messages sent from Jagex?" }
India and Russia{ "quiz_answer_1": "Malaysia and Indonesia", "quiz_answer_2": "India and Russia", "quiz_answer_3": "Cambodia and Vietnam", "quiz_answer_4": "Laos and Singapore", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "All tiger populations are endangered but where are they slowly increasing?" }
Inuit{ "quiz_answer_1": "Mayan", "quiz_answer_2": "Inuit", "quiz_answer_3": "Navajo", "quiz_answer_4": "Seminole", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following cultures worshipped the jaguar?" }
Investigations.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Incidents.", "quiz_answer_2": "Investigations.", "quiz_answer_3": "Internal.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What does the 'I' stand for in the ICU Team?" }
IronMan{ "quiz_answer_1": "SuperMan", "quiz_answer_2": "IronMan", "quiz_answer_3": "SteelMan", "quiz_answer_4": "MithrilMan", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2014, a new way to play was introduced to RuneScape. What was that mode called?" }
It's about a ban.{ "quiz_answer_1": "It includes my display name.", "quiz_answer_2": "It's about a ban.", "quiz_answer_3": "It's about new content.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is a clear sign that I have received a fake email claiming to be from Jagex?" }
It's technically not possible.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Yes, if they play fair.", "quiz_answer_2": "It's technically not possible.", "quiz_answer_3": "Only on different worlds.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Can players log into multiple accounts simultaneously?" }
Japan{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ashdale", "quiz_answer_2": "Japan", "quiz_answer_3": "Borneo", "quiz_answer_4": "Sri Lanka", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which island lost its tigers first?" }
Kalphite Queen{ "quiz_answer_1": "Vorago", "quiz_answer_2": "Kalphite Queen", "quiz_answer_3": "King Black Dragon", "quiz_answer_4": "Giant Mole", "quiz_answer_5": "Araxxor", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following bosses was released first?" }
KalíGer{ "quiz_answer_1": "Delrith", "quiz_answer_2": "Kal\u0092Ger", "quiz_answer_3": "Agrith Naar", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the name of the demon in the Demon Slayer quest?" }
Karamja{ "quiz_answer_1": "Mobilising Armies", "quiz_answer_2": "Karamja", "quiz_answer_3": "Falador", "quiz_answer_4": "Desert", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Where is the level-50 Divination colony found?" }
Karil{ "quiz_answer_1": "Verac", "quiz_answer_2": "Karil", "quiz_answer_3": "Guthan", "quiz_answer_4": "Torag", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The south-western Barrows mound contains which brother?" }
Keldagrim{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_2": "Keldagrim", "quiz_answer_3": "Rellekka", "quiz_answer_4": "Lletya", "quiz_answer_5": "Zanaris", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "The adventurers in Lumbridge Swamp are looking for which city?" }
King Lathas{ "quiz_answer_1": "King Arthur", "quiz_answer_2": "King Lathas", "quiz_answer_3": "King Bolren", "quiz_answer_4": "King Vargas", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The king of Miscellania is called..." }
Krik{ "quiz_answer_1": "Kruk", "quiz_answer_2": "Krik", "quiz_answer_3": "Krok", "quiz_answer_4": "Krak", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the name of the head monkey who guards the gates on Ape Atoll?" }
Lady Deathface{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lady Deathknell", "quiz_answer_2": "Lady Deathface", "quiz_answer_3": "Lady Combat", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Who runs the Lumbridge Combat Academy?" }
Lair of Tarn Razorlor{ "quiz_answer_1": "Araxxor", "quiz_answer_2": "Lair of Tarn Razorlor", "quiz_answer_3": "Shades of Mor'ton", "quiz_answer_4": "A Soul's Bane", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2004, Morytania opened up. Which of these does NOT take place in Morytania?" }
Launching my own investigation.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Telling a Player Moderator.", "quiz_answer_2": "Launching my own investigation.", "quiz_answer_3": "Reporting them in-game.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "The best way to tell Jagex I think someone is cheating is by..." }
Love{ "quiz_answer_1": "Aid", "quiz_answer_2": "Love", "quiz_answer_3": "Search", "quiz_answer_4": "Innuendo", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2005, the first vampyre quest was launched. It's name was 'In WHAT? of the Myreque'." }
Lumbridge{ "quiz_answer_1": "Falador", "quiz_answer_2": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_3": "Varrock", "quiz_answer_4": "Yanille", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Artisans Workshop can be found in which city?" }
Lumbridge{ "quiz_answer_1": "Rimmington", "quiz_answer_2": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_3": "Ardougne", "quiz_answer_4": "Taverley", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a location for Balthazar Beauregard\u0092s Big Top Bonanza?" }
Lumbridge Swamp{ "quiz_answer_1": "Near Al Kharid", "quiz_answer_2": "Lumbridge Swamp", "quiz_answer_3": "Near Varrock", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Where is the Water Altar?" }
Lustrous wisps{ "quiz_answer_1": "Radiant wisps", "quiz_answer_2": "Lustrous wisps", "quiz_answer_3": "Incandescent wisps", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What are the highest-tier divination wisps called?" }
Majarrat{ "quiz_answer_1": "Maharaja", "quiz_answer_2": "Majarrat", "quiz_answer_3": "Mahjarrat", "quiz_answer_4": "Marjorie", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2011, a grandmaster quest was released. It\u0092s name was Ritual of the..." }
Manta ray{ "quiz_answer_1": "Clown fish", "quiz_answer_2": "Manta ray", "quiz_answer_3": "Babel fish", "quiz_answer_4": "Conger eel", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2003, the Fishing Trawler arrived. What fish can be gained from the Trawler?" }
Martin{ "quiz_answer_1": "Fortunato", "quiz_answer_2": "Martin", "quiz_answer_3": "Olivia", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Who runs the seed stall in Draynor?" }
McKellen{ "quiz_answer_1": "McDonald", "quiz_answer_2": "McKellen", "quiz_answer_3": "McGrubor", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Who owns the wood west of Seers' Village?" }
Medium{ "quiz_answer_1": "Easy", "quiz_answer_2": "Medium", "quiz_answer_3": "Hard", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Wizard boots are a reward from what type of Treasure Trail?" }
More than 50{ "quiz_answer_1": "More than 10", "quiz_answer_2": "More than 50", "quiz_answer_3": "More than 80", "quiz_answer_4": "More than 100", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How many different species do jaguars eat?" }
Mortíton{ "quiz_answer_1": "West Ardougne", "quiz_answer_2": "Mort\u0092ton", "quiz_answer_3": "East Kandarin", "quiz_answer_4": "Burgh de Rott", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Plague City revolves around a plague that affected which city?" }
My password.{ "quiz_answer_1": "My in-game wealth.", "quiz_answer_2": "My password.", "quiz_answer_3": "My account settings.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "A bank PIN is important to help protect what?" }
Ned{ "quiz_answer_1": "Fred", "quiz_answer_2": "Ned", "quiz_answer_3": "Elvarg", "quiz_answer_4": "Malzar", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who sails you to Crandor Isle during the Dragon Slayer quest?" }
No, it's bank PIN only.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Only if you're a member.", "quiz_answer_2": "No, it's bank PIN only.", "quiz_answer_3": "Yes.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Can players use the RuneScape Authenticator instead of the bank PIN?" }
Noosewand{ "quiz_answer_1": "Unholy Mould", "quiz_answer_2": "Noosewand", "quiz_answer_3": "Black pickaxe", "quiz_answer_4": "Machete", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which one of the following CAN'T be stored in the tool belt?" }
Objective Journals{ "quiz_answer_1": "Achievement Diaries", "quiz_answer_2": "Objective Journals", "quiz_answer_3": "Winning Logs", "quiz_answer_4": "Amazement Almanac", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2007, the first task set was launched. What were task sets originally called?" }
Occult{ "quiz_answer_1": "Abandoned II", "quiz_answer_2": "Occult", "quiz_answer_3": "Blanket-Fort", "quiz_answer_4": "Warped", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2010, we launched Dungeoneering. What are the final floors called?" }
Olaf's Quest{ "quiz_answer_1": "Swept Away", "quiz_answer_2": "Olaf's Quest", "quiz_answer_3": "Ritual of the Mahjarrat", "quiz_answer_4": "The Chosen Commander", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2009, the 150th quest was launched. Which quest was it?" }
Only if I change my password.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Yes, he's my friend!", "quiz_answer_2": "Only if I change my password.", "quiz_answer_3": "No! It's risky.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Should you let your friend use your account to complete a difficult quest?" }
Orges{ "quiz_answer_1": "Goblins", "quiz_answer_2": "Orges", "quiz_answer_3": "Dragons", "quiz_answer_4": "Kalphites", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The Keris dagger provides bonuses when used against what race?" }
Partyhat{ "quiz_answer_1": "Easter egg", "quiz_answer_2": "Partyhat", "quiz_answer_3": "Pumpkin", "quiz_answer_4": "Hallowe'en mask", "quiz_answer_5": "Disk of returning", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following discontinued items is the oldest?" }
Piercing the skull and brain{ "quiz_answer_1": "Stalking and ambush", "quiz_answer_2": "Piercing the skull and brain", "quiz_answer_3": "Deep throat-bite and suffocation", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Jaguars are the only big cat that sometimes kills by" }
Pikkenmix{ "quiz_answer_1": "Pikkupstix", "quiz_answer_2": "Pikkenmix", "quiz_answer_3": "Bettamax", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Whom must you find for the Familiarisation activity?" }
Playing lots of RuneScape{ "quiz_answer_1": "Doubling tiger numbers by 2022", "quiz_answer_2": "Playing lots of RuneScape", "quiz_answer_3": "Moving tigers to Europe", "quiz_answer_4": "Removing the Hunter skill", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Conservationists are working to save tigers by" }
Poaching{ "quiz_answer_1": "Other tigers", "quiz_answer_2": "Poaching", "quiz_answer_3": "Elephants", "quiz_answer_4": "Habitat destruction", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the biggest threat to the survival of tigers?" }
Poaching{ "quiz_answer_1": "Deforestation", "quiz_answer_2": "Poaching", "quiz_answer_3": "Hurricanes", "quiz_answer_4": "Flooding", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the greatest risk to the survival of jaguars?" }
Potatoes{ "quiz_answer_1": "Pizzas", "quiz_answer_2": "Potatoes", "quiz_answer_3": "Stews", "quiz_answer_4": "Fish", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Fat Tony sells what kind of food?" }
Potatoes{ "quiz_answer_1": "Meat", "quiz_answer_2": "Potatoes", "quiz_answer_3": "Other tigers", "quiz_answer_4": "Chinchompas", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What do tigers eat?" }
Purple wedge{ "quiz_answer_1": "Silver corner", "quiz_answer_2": "Purple wedge", "quiz_answer_3": "Blue diamond", "quiz_answer_4": "Red triangle", "quiz_answer_5": "Yellow shield", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a dungeoneering door key?" }
QIP{ "quiz_answer_1": "DKS", "quiz_answer_2": "QIP", "quiz_answer_3": "DJP", "quiz_answer_4": "AIQ", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What fairy ring would take you to the Rellekka mountain?" }
Queen Elspeth{ "quiz_answer_1": "Queen Efaritay", "quiz_answer_2": "Queen Elspeth", "quiz_answer_3": "Queen Ascertes", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What was the name of the icyene ruler of Hallowvale?" }
Ranis{ "quiz_answer_1": "Dreaken", "quiz_answer_2": "Ranis", "quiz_answer_3": "Safalaan", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of these is related to Vanescula?" }
Red dragon mask{ "quiz_answer_1": "Green dragon mask", "quiz_answer_2": "Red dragon mask", "quiz_answer_3": "Black dragon mask", "quiz_answer_4": "Blue dragon mask", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following items CANNOT be a reward from a Hard clue scroll?" }
Redberry{ "quiz_answer_1": "Limpwurt root", "quiz_answer_2": "Redberry", "quiz_answer_3": "Unicorn horn dust", "quiz_answer_4": "Eye of newt", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What is the secondary ingredient required to make an attack potion?" }
Rellekka{ "quiz_answer_1": "Rimmington", "quiz_answer_2": "Rellekka", "quiz_answer_3": "Karamja", "quiz_answer_4": "Yanille", "quiz_answer_5": "Taverley", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a player-owned house portal location?" }
Report them.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ignore or edit chat settings.", "quiz_answer_2": "Report them.", "quiz_answer_3": "Annoy them back.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How should you react to someone annoying you?" }
Right{ "quiz_answer_1": "Left", "quiz_answer_2": "Right", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "What hand does Sigmund have cut off?" }
Ring of Dueling{ "quiz_answer_1": "Combat Bracelet", "quiz_answer_2": "Ring of Dueling", "quiz_answer_3": "Games Necklace", "quiz_answer_4": "Ring of Wealth", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "You can teleport to Mobilising Armies with which piece of jewellery?" }
Rune Platebody{ "quiz_answer_1": "Green Dhide Body", "quiz_answer_2": "Rune Platebody", "quiz_answer_3": "Blue Dhide Body", "quiz_answer_4": "Batwing Torso", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following can you equip WITHOUT completing the Dragon Slayer Quest?" }
Sacred oil{ "quiz_answer_1": "Vodka", "quiz_answer_2": "Sacred oil", "quiz_answer_3": "Karamjan rum", "quiz_answer_4": "Vinegar", "quiz_answer_5": "Olive oil", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "To polish bones in 'Rag and Bone Man', players must boil them in a pot with what liquid?" }
Saint Elspeth{ "quiz_answer_1": "Saint Ellamaria", "quiz_answer_2": "Saint Elspeth", "quiz_answer_3": "Saint Esther", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "In the One Piercing Note quest, what saint is the abbey dedicated to?" }
Salaran{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lanthus", "quiz_answer_2": "Salaran", "quiz_answer_3": "Wizard Cromperty", "quiz_answer_4": "Radimus Erkle", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Who is the Grand Vizier of the Legends' Guild?" }
Samuel Scourduel{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ivandis Seergaze", "quiz_answer_2": "Samuel Scourduel", "quiz_answer_3": "Friar Twiblick", "quiz_answer_4": "Derygull Templeton", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following was NOT one of the seven priestly warriors?" }
San Fan{ "quiz_answer_1": "Ak-Haranu", "quiz_answer_2": "San Fan", "quiz_answer_3": "Sun Fan", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the name of the Eastern Lands trader in Port Phasmatys?" }
Sapping{ "quiz_answer_1": "Enduring", "quiz_answer_2": "Sapping", "quiz_answer_3": "Leeching", "quiz_answer_4": "Unstable", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a glacyte?" }
Seers{ "quiz_answer_1": "Falador", "quiz_answer_2": "Seers", "quiz_answer_3": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_4": "Varrock", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The Apothecary is found in which city?" }
Sir Lucan{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sir Kay", "quiz_answer_2": "Sir Lucan", "quiz_answer_3": "Sir Vant", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a Knight of the Round Table?" }
Sir Rial{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sir Amik Varze", "quiz_answer_2": "Sir Rial", "quiz_answer_3": "Sir Owen", "quiz_answer_4": "Sir Easly", "quiz_answer_5": "Sir Vant", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a White Knight?" }
Sir Vyvin{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sir Renitee", "quiz_answer_2": "Sir Vyvin", "quiz_answer_3": "Sir Tiffy", "quiz_answer_4": "Sir Vant", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which White Knight is found sitting on a bench in Falador Park?" }
Skeletons{ "quiz_answer_1": "Wine", "quiz_answer_2": "Skeletons", "quiz_answer_3": "Decoration", "quiz_answer_4": "Fertiliser", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Along with their fur, tigers are poached for their bones to make" }
Slug Menace{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sea Slug", "quiz_answer_2": "Slug Menace", "quiz_answer_3": "Recruitment Drive", "quiz_answer_4": "Salt in the Wound", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "You can wield proselyte armour after completing which quest?" }
Smoking Kills{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lost City", "quiz_answer_2": "Smoking Kills", "quiz_answer_3": "Shilo Village", "quiz_answer_4": "None", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following quests must be completed to earn slayer points?" }
Snape grass{ "quiz_answer_1": "Mort myre fungus", "quiz_answer_2": "Snape grass", "quiz_answer_3": "Unicorn horn dust", "quiz_answer_4": "Dragon scale dust", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What secondary ingredient is required to make a super energy potion?" }
Speak to Diango in-game.{ "quiz_answer_1": "You can't.", "quiz_answer_2": "Speak to Diango in-game.", "quiz_answer_3": "Contact Customer Support.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "How do you reclaim lost holiday/seasonal items?" }
Speak with a Jagex Moderator.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Get people into trouble.", "quiz_answer_2": "Speak with a Jagex Moderator.", "quiz_answer_3": "Flag a serious incident.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "The report abuse tool should be used to..." }
Speaking to a banker in-game.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Posting on the forums.", "quiz_answer_2": "Speaking to a banker in-game.", "quiz_answer_3": "Emailing Jagex.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "I can set up a bank PIN by..." }
Spice stall{ "quiz_answer_1": "Silk stall", "quiz_answer_2": "Spice stall", "quiz_answer_3": "Seed stall", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following can you NOT find in Ardougne?" }
Stick{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lol", "quiz_answer_2": "Stick", "quiz_answer_3": "Longsword", "quiz_answer_4": "Dung", "quiz_answer_5": "Cliff", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of these is NOT a troll?" }
Stripes are unique{ "quiz_answer_1": "Excellent swimmers", "quiz_answer_2": "Stripes are unique", "quiz_answer_3": "Climb trees", "quiz_answer_4": "Live in prides", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT true of tigers?" }
Strykewyrms{ "quiz_answer_1": "Jadinkos", "quiz_answer_2": "Strykewyrms", "quiz_answer_3": "Airut", "quiz_answer_4": "Grifolic creatures", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Excresence is dropped by..." }
Tails{ "quiz_answer_1": "Whiskers ", "quiz_answer_2": "Tails", "quiz_answer_3": "Patches", "quiz_answer_4": "Fluffs", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Gertrude\u0092s missing cat is called what?" }
Taverley{ "quiz_answer_1": "Rimmington", "quiz_answer_2": "Taverley", "quiz_answer_3": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_4": "Yanille", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "After purchasing a house from an estate agent, it defaults to which city?" }
Taverley{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_2": "Taverley", "quiz_answer_3": "Burthorpe", "quiz_answer_4": "Ashdale", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "What town do new players start in?" }
Temple of Ikov{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lunar Diplomacy", "quiz_answer_2": "Temple of Ikov", "quiz_answer_3": "Desert Treasure", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Ancient Magicks are unlocked after completing which quest?" }
Ten thousand{ "quiz_answer_1": "One thousand", "quiz_answer_2": "Ten thousand", "quiz_answer_3": "More than fifteen thousand", "quiz_answer_4": "Thirty thousand", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In the 1960s, how many jaguar skins were brought out of the Amazon every year?" }
The Idithuun{ "quiz_answer_1": "The Dorgeshuun", "quiz_answer_2": "The Idithuun", "quiz_answer_3": "The Saragorgak", "quiz_answer_4": "The Yu\u0092biuun", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which one of the following is NOT a goblin tribe?" }
The Temple Knights{ "quiz_answer_1": "The White Knights", "quiz_answer_2": "The Temple Knights", "quiz_answer_3": "The Black Knights", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What organisation do you attempt to join in the quest Recruitment Drive?" }
The Wedge{ "quiz_answer_1": "The Guns", "quiz_answer_2": "The Wedge", "quiz_answer_3": "The Gains", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What is the nickname of the worker performing the military press outside the Tower of Life?" }
The Wizards' Tower{ "quiz_answer_1": "The Wizards' Guild", "quiz_answer_2": "The Wizards' Tower", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 2, "quiz_question": "Where can you find Professor Imblewyn?" }
The top floor{ "quiz_answer_1": "The bottom floor", "quiz_answer_2": "The top floor", "quiz_answer_3": "Neither", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Wizard Valina can be found on which floor of the Wizards' Tower?" }
Threatened{ "quiz_answer_1": "Endangered", "quiz_answer_2": "Threatened", "quiz_answer_3": "Vulnerable", "quiz_answer_4": "Near threatened", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "With numbers declining, the jaguar is currently classified as" }
Three Hundred{ "quiz_answer_1": "Thirty", "quiz_answer_2": "Three Hundred", "quiz_answer_3": "Thirty Two Hundred", "quiz_answer_4": "Thirty Thousand", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "How many tigers are left in the wild? As few as..." }
Tiranwwn{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tiranwn", "quiz_answer_2": "Tiranwwn", "quiz_answer_3": "Tirannwn", "quiz_answer_4": "Tiranwnn", "quiz_answer_5": "Tiraanwn", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is the correct spelling?" }
Toadflax{ "quiz_answer_1": "Spirit Weed", "quiz_answer_2": "Toadflax", "quiz_answer_3": "Tarromin", "quiz_answer_4": "Marrentill", "quiz_answer_5": "Harralander", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Lighting altar burners in a player-owned house requires what herb?" }
Tok-Xil{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tz-Kih", "quiz_answer_2": "Tok-Xil", "quiz_answer_3": "Yt-MejKot", "quiz_answer_4": "Ket-Zek", "quiz_answer_5": "Tz-Kek", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What TzHaar creature splits in two on death?" }
Tokkul{ "quiz_answer_1": "Coins", "quiz_answer_2": "Tokkul", "quiz_answer_3": "RuneCoins", "quiz_answer_4": "Chimes", "quiz_answer_5": "Honour", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "The currency of the TzHaar is..." }
Tropical jungles{ "quiz_answer_1": "Snowy temperate forests", "quiz_answer_2": "Tropical jungles", "quiz_answer_3": "Mangroves", "quiz_answer_4": "All of the above", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Where do tigers live?" }
Try to talk to the hijacker.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tweet a Jagex Moderator.", "quiz_answer_2": "Try to talk to the hijacker.", "quiz_answer_3": "Recover your account.", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "What should I do if I think my account has been hijacked?" }
Undead chicken{ "quiz_answer_1": "Chicken", "quiz_answer_2": "Undead chicken", "quiz_answer_3": "Kree\u0092arra", "quiz_answer_4": "Seagull", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Feathers are NOT dropped by which monster?" }
Underground Pass{ "quiz_answer_1": "Roving Elves", "quiz_answer_2": "Underground Pass", "quiz_answer_3": "Within the Light", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which quest is required to complete Regicide?" }
Uwogo & Muruwoi{ "quiz_answer_1": "Apmeken & Eruni", "quiz_answer_2": "Uwogo & Muruwoi", "quiz_answer_3": "Leeuni & Ayuni", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following \u00a0are Awowogei\u0092s advisors?" }
Vampyre Slayer{ "quiz_answer_1": "Gertrudes Cat", "quiz_answer_2": "Vampyre Slayer", "quiz_answer_3": "The Feud", "quiz_answer_4": "Plague City", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following quests features the Sawmill North East of Varrock?" }
Vannaka{ "quiz_answer_1": "Turael", "quiz_answer_2": "Vannaka", "quiz_answer_3": "Mazchna", "quiz_answer_4": "Sumona", "quiz_answer_5": "Chaeldar", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following slayer masters has the highest Slayer requirement?" }
Varrock{ "quiz_answer_1": "Catherby", "quiz_answer_2": "Varrock", "quiz_answer_3": "Ardougne", "quiz_answer_4": "Seers' Village", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "The Courthouse can found in which city?" }
Varrock{ "quiz_answer_1": "Falador", "quiz_answer_2": "Varrock", "quiz_answer_3": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_4": "Taverley", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Thessalia\u0092s Fine Clothes store is found in which city?" }
Visit a fan site.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Hit 'Support' on the main site.", "quiz_answer_2": "Visit a fan site.", "quiz_answer_3": "In a JMods friends chat.", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Where can players read messages sent from Jagex?" }
Waydar{ "quiz_answer_1": "Daero", "quiz_answer_2": "Waydar", "quiz_answer_3": "Lumdo", "quiz_answer_4": "Glough", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which gnome will take you to Ape Atoll Island?" }
Will Dee{ "quiz_answer_1": "Barr Rows", "quiz_answer_2": "Will Dee", "quiz_answer_3": "Mo Mentum", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT an attendee at the Lumbridge Combat Academy?" }
Wolves{ "quiz_answer_1": "Monkeys", "quiz_answer_2": "Wolves", "quiz_answer_3": "Cyclops", "quiz_answer_4": "Ogre", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT housed in Ardougne Zoo?" }
Wushanko Isles{ "quiz_answer_1": "Dragontooth Isle", "quiz_answer_2": "Wushanko Isles", "quiz_answer_3": "Waterbirth Isle", "quiz_answer_4": "Fossil Island", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "In 2012, Player Owner Ports allowed the player to travel to the Eastern Lands. How else is the Eastern lands known?" }
Yellow coat with no spots{ "quiz_answer_1": "Black coat", "quiz_answer_2": "Yellow coat with no spots", "quiz_answer_3": "Winter coat", "quiz_answer_4": "Technicolour dreamcoat", "quiz_answer_5": "Quest cape", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Jaguars sometimes have a" }
Yes, if I have an Authenicator.{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sure, I'm generous!", "quiz_answer_2": "Yes, if I have an Authenicator.", "quiz_answer_3": "No, my account is mine alone!", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Is it safe to share your RuneScape account?" }
You can use it on a phone or PC.{ "quiz_answer_1": "It only works on a phone.", "quiz_answer_2": "You can use it on a phone or PC.", "quiz_answer_3": "Only available to members.", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of these Authenticator statements are true?" }
Yuri{ "quiz_answer_1": "Svetlana", "quiz_answer_2": "Yuri", "quiz_answer_3": "Igor", "quiz_answer_4": "Boris", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 4, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a resident of Canifis?" }
Zaros{ "quiz_answer_1": "The King Black Dragon", "quiz_answer_2": "Zaros", "quiz_answer_3": "Kerapac", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Who created the Queen Black Dragon?" }
Zogre Flesh Eaters{ "quiz_answer_1": "A Soul\u0092s Bane", "quiz_answer_2": "Zogre Flesh Eaters", "quiz_answer_3": "Nature Spirit", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 3, "quiz_question": "Which of these quests is NOT a requirement for While Guthix Sleeps?" }