10{ "quiz_answer_1": "6", "quiz_answer_2": "7", "quiz_answer_3": "8", "quiz_answer_4": "9", "quiz_answer_5": "10", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many spirit trees are there?" }
140{ "quiz_answer_1": "96", "quiz_answer_2": "115", "quiz_answer_3": "125", "quiz_answer_4": "132", "quiz_answer_5": "140", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How much base experience do you receive for burying a dagannoth bone?" }
28{ "quiz_answer_1": "30", "quiz_answer_2": "32", "quiz_answer_3": "58", "quiz_answer_4": "62", "quiz_answer_5": "28", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many statue rocks can be collected a week?" }
300,000{ "quiz_answer_1": "100,000", "quiz_answer_2": "150,000", "quiz_answer_3": "200,000", "quiz_answer_4": "250,000", "quiz_answer_5": "300,000", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many tokens does a new main-hand chaotic crossbow cost?" }
5{ "quiz_answer_1": "1", "quiz_answer_2": "2", "quiz_answer_3": "3", "quiz_answer_4": "4", "quiz_answer_5": "5", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many Gower brothers are there?" }
50{ "quiz_answer_1": "40", "quiz_answer_2": "42", "quiz_answer_3": "45", "quiz_answer_4": "47", "quiz_answer_5": "50", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What level tier is Void Knight equipment?" }
60{ "quiz_answer_1": "20", "quiz_answer_2": "30", "quiz_answer_3": "40", "quiz_answer_4": "50", "quiz_answer_5": "60", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "In Dungeoneering, what level tier is zephyrium gear?" }
75{ "quiz_answer_1": "55", "quiz_answer_2": "60", "quiz_answer_3": "65", "quiz_answer_4": "70", "quiz_answer_5": "75", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What is the Woodcutting requirement to cut yew logs?" }
8{ "quiz_answer_1": "4", "quiz_answer_2": "5", "quiz_answer_3": "6", "quiz_answer_4": "7", "quiz_answer_5": "8", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "How many player owned house portals are there?" }
Araxxor{ "quiz_answer_1": "Vorago", "quiz_answer_2": "Kalphite Queen", "quiz_answer_3": "King Black Dragon", "quiz_answer_4": "Giant Mole", "quiz_answer_5": "Araxxor", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following bosses was released first?" }
Ardougne{ "quiz_answer_1": "Seers' Village", "quiz_answer_2": "Burthorpe", "quiz_answer_3": "Taverley", "quiz_answer_4": "Catherby", "quiz_answer_5": "Ardougne", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Where would you go to buy a Fletching skillcape?" }
Chaeldar{ "quiz_answer_1": "Turael", "quiz_answer_2": "Vannaka", "quiz_answer_3": "Mazchna", "quiz_answer_4": "Sumona", "quiz_answer_5": "Chaeldar", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following slayer masters has the highest Slayer requirement?" }
Cliff{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lol", "quiz_answer_2": "Stick", "quiz_answer_3": "Longsword", "quiz_answer_4": "Dung", "quiz_answer_5": "Cliff", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of these is NOT a troll?" }
Disk of returning{ "quiz_answer_1": "Easter egg", "quiz_answer_2": "Partyhat", "quiz_answer_3": "Pumpkin", "quiz_answer_4": "Hallowe'en mask", "quiz_answer_5": "Disk of returning", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following discontinued items is the oldest?" }
Harralander{ "quiz_answer_1": "Spirit Weed", "quiz_answer_2": "Toadflax", "quiz_answer_3": "Tarromin", "quiz_answer_4": "Marrentill", "quiz_answer_5": "Harralander", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Lighting altar burners in a player-owned house requires what herb?" }
Honour{ "quiz_answer_1": "Coins", "quiz_answer_2": "Tokkul", "quiz_answer_3": "RuneCoins", "quiz_answer_4": "Chimes", "quiz_answer_5": "Honour", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "The currency of the TzHaar is..." }
Kittens{ "quiz_answer_1": "Other predators", "quiz_answer_2": "Griefers", "quiz_answer_3": "XP waste", "quiz_answer_4": "Human hunting", "quiz_answer_5": "Kittens", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Jaguars are threatened by" }
Olive oil{ "quiz_answer_1": "Vodka", "quiz_answer_2": "Sacred oil", "quiz_answer_3": "Karamjan rum", "quiz_answer_4": "Vinegar", "quiz_answer_5": "Olive oil", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "To polish bones in 'Rag and Bone Man', players must boil them in a pot with what liquid?" }
Prayer{ "quiz_answer_1": "Magic", "quiz_answer_2": "Fletching", "quiz_answer_3": "Cooking", "quiz_answer_4": "Firemaking", "quiz_answer_5": "Prayer", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a pair of brawling gloves?" }
Purple{ "quiz_answer_1": "Red", "quiz_answer_2": "Blue", "quiz_answer_3": "Yellow", "quiz_answer_4": "Green", "quiz_answer_5": "Purple", "quiz_correct_answer": 2, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What colour partyhat does the Wise Old Man take?" }
Quest cape{ "quiz_answer_1": "Black coat", "quiz_answer_2": "Yellow coat with no spots", "quiz_answer_3": "Winter coat", "quiz_answer_4": "Technicolour dreamcoat", "quiz_answer_5": "Quest cape", "quiz_correct_answer": 1, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Jaguars sometimes have a" }
Rusty Anchor{ "quiz_answer_1": "Blue Moon Inn", "quiz_answer_2": "Dead Man\u0092s Chest", "quiz_answer_3": "Sinking Ship", "quiz_answer_4": "Rising Sun", "quiz_answer_5": "Rusty Anchor", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT on Alfred Grimhand\u0092s Bar Crawl?" }
Seers' Village{ "quiz_answer_1": "Varrock", "quiz_answer_2": "Falador", "quiz_answer_3": "Ardougne", "quiz_answer_4": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_5": "Seers' Village", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Horacio is the Duke of..." }
Sir Vant{ "quiz_answer_1": "Sir Amik Varze", "quiz_answer_2": "Sir Rial", "quiz_answer_3": "Sir Owen", "quiz_answer_4": "Sir Easly", "quiz_answer_5": "Sir Vant", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a White Knight?" }
Taverley{ "quiz_answer_1": "Rimmington", "quiz_answer_2": "Rellekka", "quiz_answer_3": "Karamja", "quiz_answer_4": "Yanille", "quiz_answer_5": "Taverley", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a player-owned house portal location?" }
Tiraanwn{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tiranwn", "quiz_answer_2": "Tiranwwn", "quiz_answer_3": "Tirannwn", "quiz_answer_4": "Tiranwnn", "quiz_answer_5": "Tiraanwn", "quiz_correct_answer": 3, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is the correct spelling?" }
Tz-Kek{ "quiz_answer_1": "Tz-Kih", "quiz_answer_2": "Tok-Xil", "quiz_answer_3": "Yt-MejKot", "quiz_answer_4": "Ket-Zek", "quiz_answer_5": "Tz-Kek", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "What TzHaar creature splits in two on death?" }
Yellow shield{ "quiz_answer_1": "Silver corner", "quiz_answer_2": "Purple wedge", "quiz_answer_3": "Blue diamond", "quiz_answer_4": "Red triangle", "quiz_answer_5": "Yellow shield", "quiz_correct_answer": 4, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Which of the following is NOT a dungeoneering door key?" }
Zamorak{ "quiz_answer_1": "Armadyl", "quiz_answer_2": "Bandos", "quiz_answer_3": "Guthix", "quiz_answer_4": "Saradomin", "quiz_answer_5": "Zamorak", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "Black Knights are followers of..." }
Zanaris{ "quiz_answer_1": "Lumbridge", "quiz_answer_2": "Keldagrim", "quiz_answer_3": "Rellekka", "quiz_answer_4": "Lletya", "quiz_answer_5": "Zanaris", "quiz_correct_answer": 5, "quiz_number_of_questions": 5, "quiz_question": "The adventurers in Lumbridge Swamp are looking for which city?" }