3098{ "4835": 1165, "4836": 674, "4837": 3098, "beasts_tab_description": "Ahrim is a mage of great strength and will attack with powerful fire spells.
There is a 1/4 chance with every attack that Ahrim will drain your Strength level.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 2025, "beasts_tab_title": "Ahrim the Blighted" }
6230{ "4835": 17409, "4836": 17375, "4837": 6230, "beasts_tab_description": "Nex will use her wings to shield her from damage and siphon it to heal her. Any damage over time effects placed on Nex during blood phase will also heal her.

Any Blood reavers that are alive when Blood siphon starts will die and transfer their life points to Nex.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 13447, "beasts_tab_title": "Blood Siphon" }
6702{ "4835": 17410, "4836": 17377, "4837": 6702, "beasts_tab_description": "Nex calls on Zaros himself to empower her, This heals her, and increases her damage and accuracy for the remainder of her life. She will then cycle between using Soulsplit, Deflect Melee, and Leech curses against her opponents.

During the Zaros phase, Nex's melee attacks become area-of-effect, hitting anyone within 1 metre of her primary target.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 13447, "beasts_tab_title": "Power of Zaros" }
28221{ "4835": 14384, "4836": 6947, "4837": 28221, "beasts_tab_description": "K'ril uses his massive weapons to slam into the floor and unleash Magic damage on nearby targets. If the target is protecting against Magic attacks or he continues to miss he will start to get enraged.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 6203, "beasts_tab_title": "Magic Slam" }
41118{ "4835": 10053, "4836": 10054, "4837": 41118, "beasts_tab_description": "If the Corporeal Beast senses the presence of a familiar, he will devour it, destroying it completely.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 8133, "beasts_tab_title": "Devour" }
42557{ "4835": 10496, "4836": 10497, "4837": 42557, "beasts_tab_description": "Anyone caught standing up the Corporeal Beast will feel his wrath as he violently stomps on them, hitting heavy damage until they move away.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 8133, "beasts_tab_title": "Stomp" }
59585{ "4835": 21917, "4836": 14402, "4837": 59585, "beasts_tab_description": "Ahrim will Telejump to a pillar in the centre of the arena and begin attacking the other side of the encounter - as well as lighting all the shadow pits on the other side.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18538, "beasts_tab_title": "Ahrim: Telejump" }
59589{ "4835": 14412, "4836": 14411, "4837": 59589, "beasts_tab_description": "After K'ril has had enough of his target defending or protecting against his attacks he'll leap into the air and smash down, hitting the main target for massive damage, hitting through prayers and draining prayer points.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 6203, "beasts_tab_title": "Prayer Destruction" }
65639{ "4835": 16202, "4836": 16203, "4837": 65639, "beasts_tab_description": "TzTok-Jad has only one focus: killing his target. Expect to die if you do not protect against his massive ranged attack.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 2745, "beasts_tab_title": "Ranged Smash" }
65646{ "4835": 16195, "4836": 16196, "4837": 65646, "beasts_tab_description": "TzTok-Jad has only one focus: killing his target. Expect to die if you do not protect against his massive magic attack.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 2745, "beasts_tab_title": "Magic Death" }
69669{ "4835": 16745, "4836": 16749, "4837": 69669, "beasts_tab_description": "Forging Fire is the ultimate fire breath attack the Queen Black Dragon will unleash in stage four. Any target standing in the centre of the fire will take massive fire damage. Note that this is enough heat to forge the royal crossbow.

Targets on the outskirts of the fire take less damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 15454, "beasts_tab_title": "Forging Fire" }
69671{ "4835": 16746, "4836": 16762, "4837": 69671, "beasts_tab_description": "The Queen Black Dragon summons a massive wall of fire which passes over the platform inflicting fire damage. Keep an eye out for a weak point in the wall that you can pass through unharmed.

Based on the fights duration, the Queen Black Dragon may summon up to three walls of fire at the same time.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 15454, "beasts_tab_title": "Wall of Fire" }
71927{ "4835": 22614, "4836": 22617, "4837": 71927, "beasts_tab_description": "The Giant Mole will burrow into the ground and relocate herself to another area in the environment where she'll re-emerge and continue attacking when found.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18932, "beasts_tab_title": "Burrow" }
71927{ "4835": 22614, "4836": 22617, "4837": 71927, "beasts_tab_description": "The Giant Mole will burrow into the ground and resurface near one of her targets. As she resurfaces, the ground around her will shake, damaging anyone caught on the debris.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18932, "beasts_tab_title": "Phase 2A: Upheaval" }
75294{ "4835": 17397, "4836": 17364, "4837": 75294, "beasts_tab_description": "Kree'arra fires tornadoes at nearby targets for heavy ranged damage with a chance to knockback any targets they hit. You can prevent the knockback by using the Anticipation ability.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 6222, "beasts_tab_title": "Ranged Tornado" }
75304{ "4835": 17414, "4836": 17378, "4837": 75304, "beasts_tab_description": "During the Blood phase, Nex will shoot Blood Barrage on her targets, healing a percentage of any damage it inflicts on them.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 13447, "beasts_tab_title": "Blood Barrage" }
75424{ "4835": 17407, "4836": 17368, "4837": 75424, "beasts_tab_description": "Nex smashes the floor, creating surround icicles that damage anyone caught next to her. Half of the icicles then being moving towards their assigned targets, hitting anyone caught in their way until the stop.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 13447, "beasts_tab_title": "Containment" }
75424{ "4835": 17407, "4836": 17368, "4837": 75424, "beasts_tab_description": "Nex will find all nearby victims and put a deadly shadow below them. Shortly after placing the shadows, they will erupt, hitting heavy damage on anyone caught in the dark.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 13447, "beasts_tab_title": "Shadow Smash" }
76656{ "4835": 17786, "4836": 17794, "4837": 76656, "beasts_tab_description": "Being a dragon, the King Black Dragon can use extremely powerful fire breath that will destroy anyone who does not bring the appropriate anti-fire protection.", "beasts_tab_title": "Fire Breath" }
77899{ "4835": 17784, "4836": 17788, "4837": 77899, "beasts_tab_description": "The King Black Dragon can use a combined attack that hits massive fire damage and shocks his opponent, draining their skills and prayer points slightly.", "beasts_tab_title": "Charged Breath" }
77900{ "4835": 17785, "4836": 17792, "4837": 77900, "beasts_tab_description": "The King Black Dragon can use a combined attack that hits with massive fire damage and poisons his opponent.", "beasts_tab_title": "Toxic Breath" }
77901{ "4835": 17783, "4836": 17790, "4837": 77901, "beasts_tab_description": "The King Black Dragon can use a combined attack that hits with massive fire damage while freezing his opponent in place.", "beasts_tab_title": "Frostfire Breath" }
78984{ "4835": 19853, "4836": 19854, "4837": 78984, "beasts_tab_description": "K'ril smashes his blade into the ground, which bursts into spikes from the impact. Standing in the spikes inflicts constant damage until the time out or you move off of them.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 6203, "beasts_tab_title": "Smash: Hard Mode only" }
79068{ "4835": 21941, "4836": 21953, "4837": 79068, "beasts_tab_description": "Dharok starts spinning wildly towards his opponent, hitting all nearby with his greataxe for heavy damage.
", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18540, "beasts_tab_title": "Dharok: Hurricane" }
79068{ "4835": 21941, "4836": 21953, "4837": 79068, "beasts_tab_description": "Guthan starts spinning wildly towards his opponent, hitting all nearby with his warspear for heavy damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18541, "beasts_tab_title": "Guthan: Hurricane" }
79068{ "4835": 21941, "4836": 21953, "4837": 79068, "beasts_tab_description": "Torag starts spinning wildly towards his opponent, hitting all adjacent with his hammer for heavy damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18544, "beasts_tab_title": "Torag: Hurricane" }
82790{ "4835": 19451, "4836": 19452, "4837": 82790, "beasts_tab_description": "The Kalphite King burrows into the ground and disappears! Shortly after, he'll emerge from the ground where his current target is standing. Any person who is caught when he re-emerges will take large amounts of damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 16697, "beasts_tab_title": "Burrow" }
82793{ "4835": 19464, "4836": 19465, "4837": 82793, "beasts_tab_description": "The Kalphite King prepares to kill his main target outright, putting all of their defensive abilities on hold. Another combatant is required to Provoke the king off of his target and then prepare to soak/avoid the incoming damage themselves through use of defensive abilities.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 16697, "beasts_tab_title": "Beetlejuice" }
82798{ "4835": 19455, "4836": 19456, "4837": 82798, "beasts_tab_description": "If the Kalphite King is hit with a stunning attack, he will use Freedom. Having to use freedom will also distract the king, delaying his next attack.

If the Kalphite King is hit with some ultimate abilities, he may use Barricade, Immortality, or Rejuvenate.

:If the Kalphite King activates a red aura, he will heal himself for all damage he deals.

If the Kalphite King activates a green aura, he will heal himself for all damage he takes.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 16697, "beasts_tab_title": "Heal & Defensive Tactics" }
84391{ "4835": 19845, "4836": 19877, "4837": 84391, "beasts_tab_description": "During Hard mode, Kree'arra will walk to the centre of the area and summon all vortexes to him. Anyone caught in the path of the tornado will take heavy damage. After Kree'arra has summoned them all to him he will disperse them again into the encounter.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 6222, "beasts_tab_title": "Alignment: Hard Mode Only" }
86774{ "4835": 20328, "4836": 20329, "4837": 86774, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago will pick an area in the arena and fire a shockwave towards it. When the shockwave arrives, multiple vitalii may spawn. To counteract this, you can have a person stand in the shockwave to prevent a vitalis spawning, taking some damage instead.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Stage 3.3 : Summon Vitalii" }
86775{ "4835": 20371, "4836": 20372, "4837": 86775, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago picks a target (preferring the farthest player away) and fires an explosive bomb towards them. On impact it detonates for significant damage - more so if multiple targets are in the explosive area.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Explosive bomb" }
86777{ "4835": 20363, "4836": 20364, "4837": 86777, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago performs a strong melee attack against his main target five times in a row. Each attack will place a damage-over-time effect on the target, which persists if they are close to Vorago.

If the damage-over-time effect exists on Vorago's target when he attacks them again, the target will suffer a massive melee hit.

Using abilities such as Provoke and Freedom should be considered to deal with this attack.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Destroy Tank" }
86779{ "4835": 20365, "4836": 20366, "4837": 86779, "beasts_tab_description": "At the end of each stage, Vorago will jump up and smash down in another location. Anyone caught in proximity to him landing risks taking heavy damage. After three smashes the floor will give way and everyone will fall deeper into the encounter.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Jump-Smash" }
86780{ "4835": 20356, "4836": 20357, "4837": 86780, "beasts_tab_description": "The Magic Bomb is a magic attack that will attempt to target the furthest player away, multiple magic bombs will be fired at once should there be a large number of players fighting Vorago.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Magic Bomb" }
86780{ "4835": 20369, "4836": 20370, "4837": 86780, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago will fire a projectile at the sky and follow it up. Shortly after a shadow will appear on the floor and the section of ceiling will fall down and smash anyone found underneath it. Slowly the entire arena may become blocked off if left unchecked.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Stage 3.1 : Ceiling rotation" }
86781{ "4835": 20323, "4836": 20324, "4837": 86781, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago will open a waterfall from above and teleport to the centre of the encounter to begin charging. 10 seconds later, he will explode for massive fire damage. Anyone not hiding behind a waterfall will suffer massive damage from the fire.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Stage 4 : Waterfall" }
86784{ "4835": 20319, "4836": 20320, "4837": 86784, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago picks a target and links himself to them for 10 seconds. During this time, any damage done to Vorago is instead applied to the linked target.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Target Link" }
89920{ "4835": 20356, "4836": 20357, "4837": 89920, "beasts_tab_description": "Vorago fires a green bomb at a random area in the encounter. On impact it will create a Gas cloud as well as bouncing towards a target. When it hits this target it will look to bounce again to another target.
Each unique target will take damage when it bounces to them.

If no targets are found, the bomb will explode immediately for massive damage.

If the bomb hits the same target twice it will detonate for heavy damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 17182, "beasts_tab_title": "Stage 3.4 : Gas Bomb" }
91461{ "4835": 21917, "4836": 21918, "4837": 91461, "beasts_tab_description": "Karil will summon a shadow portal at his location that he uses to dash to the other side of the encounter.

He will continue jumping side-to-side until he runs out of portals. After 4 seconds the shadow portal will explode, dealing massive damage to those nearby, less if they are further away.

If you enter a shadow portal you will close it, preventing it from exploding but taking more damage if you have been through portals before.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18543, "beasts_tab_title": "Karil: Portal Dash" }
91463{ "4835": 21911, "4836": 21912, "4837": 91463, "beasts_tab_description": "Karil will teleport to a spot in the room and unleash shadow-lightning from his hands. As he rotates on the spot, anyone caught in the lightning will take heavy damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18543, "beasts_tab_title": "Karil: Lightning Conductor" }
91464{ "4835": 21911, "4836": 21912, "4837": 91464, "beasts_tab_description": "Ahrim will teleport to a spot in the room and ignite his hands. As he rotates on the spot, anyone caught in the flames will take heavy fire damage.
", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18538, "beasts_tab_title": "Ahrim: Turret of Fire" }
91465{ "4835": 18224, "4836": 21908, "4837": 91465, "beasts_tab_description": "Karil will teleport to a pillar in the centre of the arena and begin attacking the other side of the encounter - as well as unleashing a massive lightning barrage down a strip of the room on the other side.
", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18543, "beasts_tab_title": "Karil: Bombard" }
91541{ "4835": 21940, "4836": 21952, "4837": 91541, "beasts_tab_description": "Dharok raises his greataxe for 10 seconds, storing any damage in it that is done against him. After the 10 seconds, he'll unleash it on his next attack!", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18540, "beasts_tab_title": "Dharok: Greatest Axe" }
93390{ "4835": 22625, "4836": 22624, "4837": 93390, "beasts_tab_description": "The Giant Mole goes berserk for 15 seconds. During this time, the mole can be stunned and deals increased damage with increased accuracy.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18933, "beasts_tab_title": "Phase 2C: Berserk" }
93391{ "4835": 22622, "4836": 22623, "4837": 93391, "beasts_tab_description": "The Giant Mole stomps the ground, loosening some of the ceiling. This attack will stun a main target and the mud from above will begin falling on them until they are freed, either by a team-mate or the mole herself.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 18932, "beasts_tab_title": "Phase 2B: Rockfall" }
96803{ "4835": 24085, "4836": 24086, "4837": 96803, "beasts_tab_description": "In all paths, Araxxor will spawn a few eggs which will hatch into aggressive spiders if not dealt with. Luckily he'll also launch a fiery projectile towards you. If this explodes on the eggs it will destroy them - enraging the boss!", "beasts_tab_title": "Burn spawn" }
96805{ "4835": 24050, "4836": 24053, "4837": 96805, "beasts_tab_description": "The boss will pull you towards them if you haven't used the Freedom or Anticipation ability. Cleave will hit massive damage to anyone caught in front of the boss.", "beasts_tab_title": "Cleave" }
96806{ "4835": 24083, "4836": 24084, "4837": 96806, "beasts_tab_description": "When fired, you will become encased in webbing. The more you click the more you will break free. Using the ability Freedom or Anticipation before this attack will help lower the amount you are cocooned for.", "beasts_tab_title": "Cocoon" }
96809{ "4835": 24075, "4836": 24061, "4837": 96809, "beasts_tab_description": "A web shielding will cover the boss for 10 seconds. While this is present, the boss will take half damage and reflect half damage to you. If you don't attack, the boss will heal while the shield is present.", "beasts_tab_title": "Web Shield" }
96826{ "4835": 24047, "4836": 24048, "4837": 96826, "beasts_tab_description": "After you have defeated Araxxor, Araxxi will consume him. Araxxi will use any left over attacks (such as acid or spider minions) as well as performing Cleave, Web Shield and Cocoon.

As Araxxi drops below 50% health she will stop doing special attacks and instead grow increasingly damaging.

As Araxxi goes below 25% health (or 35% in duo), she will enrage faster and spawn an acid wave that tracks the target down until they are hit. When the acid wave hits, it will remain on the target until they move away, at which point it will bounce away and start again.", "beasts_tab_title": "Stage four: Araxxi" }
97643{ "4835": 24282, "4836": 24286, "4837": 97643, "beasts_tab_description": "The Kalphite Queen launches a spine at every player nearby, hurting them with ranged damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 1158, "beasts_tab_title": "Spines" }
97646{ "4835": 24281, "4836": 24294, "4837": 97646, "beasts_tab_description": "The Kalphite Queen unleashes a barrage of lightning on all surround targets, hitting them for magical damage.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 1158, "beasts_tab_title": "Lightning" }
114236{ "4835": 29379, "4836": 29380, "4837": 114236, "beasts_tab_description": "Dagannoth Prime is the magic-based dagannoth king. He can only be hurt by ranged attacks.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 2882, "beasts_tab_title": "Dagannoth Prime" }
114237{ "4835": 29372, "4836": 29374, "4837": 114237, "beasts_tab_description": "Dagannoth Supreme is the ranged-based dagannoth king. He can only be hurt by Melee attacks.", "beasts_tab_monster_id": 2881, "beasts_tab_title": "Dagannoth Supreme" }