Anukat{ "6059": 0, "6061": 2, "6555": "Anukat", "finder_activity_object_description": "The famous cat-headed cat of Menaphos.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31055, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Known to frequent only the most exclusive of areas in Menaphos.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Anukat", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31054 }
Bestopet{ "6059": 1, "6061": 2, "6555": "Bestopet", "finder_activity_object_description": "Didn't appreciate the way you smashed her new home to pieces.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31057, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Often lost in tight spaces in the tombs below Menaphos.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Bestopet", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31056 }
Blanchy{ "6059": 14, "6061": 2, "6555": "Blanchy", "finder_activity_object_description": "Known throughout the sculptor community for his modelling.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31083, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Works so hard, I only see him outdoors on the weekends.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Blanchy", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31082 }
Catsanova{ "6059": 9, "6061": 2, "6555": "Catsanova", "finder_activity_object_description": "Runner-up in the 'Most Prolific Kharidian Lover' contest, behind Ozan.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31073, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Currently wooing a whole lot of trader cats.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Catsanova", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31072 }
Fenekh{ "6059": 11, "6061": 2, "6555": "Fenekh", "finder_activity_object_description": "Known rather ironically as the Desert Fox.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31077, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Sometimes here, sometimes there. Either in Menaphos or in hiding.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Fenekh", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31076 }
Hetepheres{ "6059": 3, "6061": 2, "6555": "Hetepheres", "finder_activity_object_description": "The descendant of great aristocats. Enjoys sunbathing on lazy weekends.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31061, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Lives for the weekend. Praise the sun!", "finder_activity_object_name": "Hetepheres", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31060 }
Jenifurr{ "6059": 5, "6061": 2, "6555": "Jenifurr", "finder_activity_object_description": "Sarcophagi are dark and quiet. If she fits, she sits.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31065, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A courageous spirit that guards the tombs of Sophanem.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Jenifurr", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31064 }
Katarina{ "6059": 6, "6061": 2, "6555": "Katarina", "finder_activity_object_description": "Ex-star of 'Keeping up with the Kharidians'.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31067, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Last time I saw her, she said she was feeling a little corrupted.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Katarina", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31066 }
Lucifurr{ "6059": 4, "6061": 2, "6555": "Lucifurr", "finder_activity_object_description": "Also known as 'The Micebringer'. A real anti-authoritarian.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31063, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Has developed a successful weekly hunting ritual.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Lucifurr", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31062 }
Nodjmet{ "6059": 13, "6061": 2, "6555": "Nodjmet", "finder_activity_object_description": "Enjoys his life of extreme leisure.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31081, "finder_activity_object_hint": "I see him around Menaphos, now and then.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Nodjmet", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31080 }
Oedipuss{ "6059": 2, "6061": 2, "6555": "Oedipuss", "finder_activity_object_description": "Loves the sea view, and loves his mummy.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31059, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Loves the sea view.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Oedipuss", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31058 }
Qat{ "6059": 15, "6061": 2, "6555": "Qat", "finder_activity_object_description": "A qathartic qompanion qapable of qalming the qursed and the qorrupted.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31085, "finder_activity_object_hint": "As royal as a cat can be.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Qat", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31084 }
Shebit{ "6059": 7, "6061": 2, "6555": "Shebit", "finder_activity_object_description": "Part of a large family collectively known as the Shebyte.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31069, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Works hard, day and night.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Shebit", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31068 }
Takhuit{ "6059": 8, "6061": 2, "6555": "Takhuit", "finder_activity_object_description": "Takes frequent walks, to battle the existential dread.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31071, "finder_activity_object_hint": "The best day is the day with frequent walks.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Takhuit", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31070 }
Tefimhet{ "6059": 12, "6061": 2, "6555": "Tefimhet", "finder_activity_object_description": "Most people think he is imagining the voices.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31079, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Watches over the passage of souls.", "finder_activity_object_name": "Tefimhet", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31078 }
The Postcat{ "6059": 10, "6061": 2, "6555": "The Postcat", "finder_activity_object_description": "Neither sun, nor glare, nor heat of day stays this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31075, "finder_activity_object_hint": "He delivers the post all across the desert, even as far as Al Kharid.", "finder_activity_object_name": "The Postcat", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31074 }
a Menaphite honey bee{ "6059": 8, "6061": 0, "6555": "a Menaphite honey bee", "finder_activity_object_description": "These industrious insects do much of the work pollinating the few green areas of the Kharidian Desert.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31109, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Acadia trees have sometimes been known to form amber.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40620, "finder_activity_object_name": "Menaphite honey bee", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31108 }
a Menaphite honey bee in amber{ "6059": 0, "6061": 0, "6555": "a Menaphite honey bee in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Amusingly, it looks like it's stuck in a blob of honey.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31093, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Among the rocks, old treasure can be found.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40612, "finder_activity_object_name": "Menaphite honey bee in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31092 }
a Tuai Leit sparkle{ "6059": 12, "6061": 1, "6555": "a Tuai Leit sparkle", "finder_activity_object_description": "Abundant deposits in Tuai Leit's sea caves have led many sailors to their deaths.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31046, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A gemstone found in the Arc region, perhaps you could track down some easterners to locate it for you.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38849, "finder_activity_object_name": "Tuai Leit sparkle", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31047 }
a clicker kalphite{ "6059": 10, "6061": 0, "6555": "a clicker kalphite", "finder_activity_object_description": "This nomadic type of Kalphite taps its mandibles to communicate unexpectedly loudly.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31113, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Plover birds love eating these.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40622, "finder_activity_object_name": "Clicker kalphite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31112 }
a clicker kalphite in amber{ "6059": 2, "6061": 0, "6555": "a clicker kalphite in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Hold it close to your ear, and you can almost hear the sandstorms.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31097, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Subotai said a sample had been kept safe by a sympathetic sailor, Unfortunately, he drowned at sea.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40614, "finder_activity_object_name": "Clicker kalphite in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31096 }
a corundum cluster{ "6059": 3, "6061": 1, "6555": "a corundum cluster", "finder_activity_object_description": "Tends to form in sheets, creating pleasing rectangular patterns.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31029, "finder_activity_object_hint": "We don't condone ransacking tombs, but recent geological activity makes retrieving these more an act of preservation than looting.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38840, "finder_activity_object_name": "Corundum", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31028 }
a crondite gem{ "6059": 6, "6061": 1, "6555": "a crondite gem", "finder_activity_object_description": "Named so as it tends to form very sharp tooth-like shapes.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31035, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Smuggled out by a trustworthy worker, but with the Pharaoh's eyes everywhere it's been hard to keep it secret.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38843, "finder_activity_object_name": "Crondite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31034 }
a desert locust{ "6059": 11, "6061": 0, "6555": "a desert locust", "finder_activity_object_description": "They are rumoured to devour anything left out in the desert sun.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31103, "finder_activity_object_hint": "They are a blight on the few trees found in the desert.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40623, "finder_activity_object_name": "Desert locust", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31102 }
a desert locust in amber{ "6059": 3, "6061": 0, "6555": "a desert locust in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Let's see it eat its way out of there.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31087, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Lost beneath the waves.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40615, "finder_activity_object_name": "Desert locust in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31086 }
a fly dragon{ "6059": 14, "6061": 0, "6555": "a fly dragon", "finder_activity_object_description": "Named for its ability to expel very small flames.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31105, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Hardly anyone alive remembers that these exist.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40626, "finder_activity_object_name": "Fly dragon", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31104 }
a fly dragon in amber{ "6059": 6, "6061": 0, "6555": "a fly dragon in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Caught forever in an astonished pose.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31089, "finder_activity_object_hint": "The lamp seller sometimes has amber on display.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40618, "finder_activity_object_name": "Fly dragon in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31088 }
a fruit fly{ "6059": 15, "6061": 0, "6555": "a fruit fly", "finder_activity_object_description": "Much tastier than a vegetable fly.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31107, "finder_activity_object_hint": "These insects reside in the memories of the desert.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40627, "finder_activity_object_name": "Fruit fly", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31106 }
a fruit fly in amber{ "6059": 7, "6061": 0, "6555": "a fruit fly in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "The amber magnifies the appearance of the fly, making it look quite intimidating.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31091, "finder_activity_object_hint": "The acadia tree is known to attract fruit flies.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40619, "finder_activity_object_name": "Fruit fly in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31090 }
a hauyne crystal{ "6059": 10, "6061": 1, "6555": "a hauyne crystal", "finder_activity_object_description": "No one alive remembers where the name for these crystals comes from.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31043, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Ask around town, somebody is sure to have some still in supply.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38847, "finder_activity_object_name": "Hauyne", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31042 }
a hetite stone{ "6059": 8, "6061": 1, "6555": "a hetite stone", "finder_activity_object_description": "One of the strongest and most resistant precious stones in existence.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31039, "finder_activity_object_hint": "This gem is held by a sympathetic Menaphite guard, but they've been home ill with a strange corrupting affliction.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38845, "finder_activity_object_name": "Hetite stone", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31038 }
a hornless unicornfly{ "6059": 13, "6061": 0, "6555": "a hornless unicornfly", "finder_activity_object_description": "Unlike a regular unicornfly, this type is not attracted to rainbows.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31111, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Found fairly rarely, but sometimes they infest lone acadia trees.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40625, "finder_activity_object_name": "Hornless unicornfly", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31110 }
a hornless unicornfly in amber{ "6059": 5, "6061": 0, "6555": "a hornless unicornfly in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Does this suggest that long ago hornless unicorns might have existed? Who knows.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31095, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Used as jewellery by the wealthy.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40617, "finder_activity_object_name": "Hornless unicornfly in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31094 }
a kalphite wanderer{ "6059": 12, "6061": 0, "6555": "a kalphite wanderer", "finder_activity_object_description": "Outside of a hive structure, these types of kalphite have regressed to minute sizes.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31115, "finder_activity_object_hint": "They make their homes burrowing underneath the roots of trees.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40624, "finder_activity_object_name": "Kalphite wanderer", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31114 }
a kalphite wanderer in amber{ "6059": 4, "6061": 0, "6555": "a kalphite wanderer in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "These preserved remains suggest that kalphites have existed in the desert for a very long time.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31099, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Menaphite merchants prize these preserved insects as a symbol of luck.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40616, "finder_activity_object_name": "Kalphite wanderer in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31098 }
a menaphyrite cluster{ "6059": 1, "6061": 1, "6555": "a menaphyrite cluster", "finder_activity_object_description": "Fool's gold streaked with an abundant facsimile of azure from the east.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31025, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Traditionally this gemstone is buried with its owner to be used in the afterlife.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38838, "finder_activity_object_name": "Menaphyrite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31024 }
a phenakite cluster{ "6059": 0, "6061": 1, "6555": "a phenakite cluster", "finder_activity_object_description": "Often used to adorn the jewellery of Pharaoh's past.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31023, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Very few locations remain to mine phenakite, and the Pharaoh controls access to them.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38837, "finder_activity_object_name": "Phenakite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31022 }
a pygmy giant scarab{ "6059": 9, "6061": 0, "6555": "a pygmy giant scarab", "finder_activity_object_description": "Or is it a giant pygmy scarab?", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31117, "finder_activity_object_hint": "These scarabs seem to gather on the surface, rather than living in the tombs below Sophanem.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40621, "finder_activity_object_name": "Pygmy giant scarab", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31116 }
a pygmy giant scarab in amber{ "6059": 1, "6061": 0, "6555": "a pygmy giant scarab in amber", "finder_activity_object_description": "Holding it up to the light, it looks like it is in a small shadow play.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31101, "finder_activity_object_hint": "Leave no sandstone unturned.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 40613, "finder_activity_object_name": "Pygmy giant scarab in amber", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31100 }
a scabarite crystal{ "6059": 11, "6061": 1, "6555": "a scabarite crystal", "finder_activity_object_description": "Tends to be mistaken for a horned beetle or kalphite, but only at a glance.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31045, "finder_activity_object_hint": "This one-of-a-kind crystal was smuggled out of the Grand Library. I'm not sure who is keeping a hold of it now.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38848, "finder_activity_object_name": "Scabarite crystal", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31044 }
a waikonite cluster{ "6059": 2, "6061": 1, "6555": "a waikonite cluster", "finder_activity_object_description": "First discovered on the island of Waiko.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31027, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A gemstone found in the Arc region, perhaps you could track down some easterners to locate it for you.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38839, "finder_activity_object_name": "Waikonite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31026 }
a wavecrest opal{ "6059": 4, "6061": 1, "6555": "a wavecrest opal", "finder_activity_object_description": "Sometimes jokingly referred to as seagull pearls.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31031, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A crate of these gems was being transported here from the Arc region, but was lost at sea. Perhaps they could be retrieved?", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38841, "finder_activity_object_name": "Wavecrest opal", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31030 }
an Aminishi miststone{ "6059": 9, "6061": 1, "6555": "an Aminishi miststone", "finder_activity_object_description": "Said to be formed in the bellies of Aminishi spirit dragons.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31041, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A gemstone found in the Arc region, perhaps you could track down some easterners to locate it for you.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38846, "finder_activity_object_name": "Aminishi miststone", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31040 }
an Apmeken amethyst{ "6059": 14, "6061": 1, "6555": "an Apmeken amethyst", "finder_activity_object_description": "This gem's brown colouration links this to Apmeken in a less than flattering way.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31051, "finder_activity_object_hint": "This unique gemstone was rumored to have been sold on the black market to somebody in the merchant district.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38851, "finder_activity_object_name": "Apmeken amethyst", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31050 }
an alaeite crystal{ "6059": 7, "6061": 1, "6555": "an alaeite crystal", "finder_activity_object_description": "Thought to be the crystallised salty tears of crablets.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31037, "finder_activity_object_hint": "A gemstone found in the Arc region, perhaps you could track down some easterners to locate it for you.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38844, "finder_activity_object_name": "Alaeite", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31036 }
an idocrase crystal{ "6059": 13, "6061": 1, "6555": "an idocrase crystal", "finder_activity_object_description": "For a gemstone, it doesn't half form some weird shapes.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31049, "finder_activity_object_hint": "All the samples were confiscated, but there might be somebody in the city with some who is willing to part with it for a price.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38850, "finder_activity_object_name": "Idocrase", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31048 }
an umesco arpos{ "6059": 15, "6061": 1, "6555": "an umesco arpos", "finder_activity_object_description": "This crescent-shaped gem is colloquially known as a soulstone. The name was coined by a gnomish explorer.", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31053, "finder_activity_object_hint": "This gem is mined and exported for great profits.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38852, "finder_activity_object_name": "Umesco arpos", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31052 }
some maw coral{ "6059": 5, "6061": 1, "6555": "some maw coral", "finder_activity_object_description": "Found in coral reefs off the coast. Many divers don't come back...", "finder_activity_object_empty_sprite_id": 31032, "finder_activity_object_hint": "You might be able to find samples of this mineral on the sea shores.", "finder_activity_object_item_id": 38842, "finder_activity_object_name": "Maw coral", "finder_activity_object_sprite_id": 31033 }