Ancient Curses{ "path_system_description": "A path to unlock Ancient Curses.", "path_system_sprite_id": 22938, "path_system_subtitle": "Soul Split, Turmoil, Anguish, Torment", "path_system_title": "Ancient Curses" }
Ancient Spells{ "path_system_description": "A path to unlock Ancient Spells.", "path_system_sprite_id": 22938, "path_system_subtitle": "Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice", "path_system_title": "Ancient Spells" }
Bossing{ "path_system_description": "A list of RuneScape's bosses, in approximate order of difficulty.", "path_system_sprite_id": 29274, "path_system_subtitle": "Easiest to Hardest", "path_system_title": "Bossing" }
God Wars Dungeon{ "path_system_description": "How to access the God Wars Dungeon, by unlocking the God Wars Teleport spell.", "path_system_sprite_id": 17483, "path_system_subtitle": "God Wars Teleport", "path_system_title": "God Wars Dungeon" }
God Wars Dungeon{ "path_system_description": "How to access the God Wars Dungeon, by unlocking the Trollheim Teleport spell.", "path_system_sprite_id": 17483, "path_system_subtitle": "Trollheim Teleport", "path_system_title": "God Wars Dungeon" }
God Wars Dungeon II{ "path_system_description": "Take part in the clash of four mighty generals and four mighty armies, deep in the Heart of Gielinor.", "path_system_sprite_id": 9231, "path_system_subtitle": "Heart of Gielinor", "path_system_title": "God Wars Dungeon II" }
Lunar Spells{ "path_system_description": "A path to unlock the Lunar Spellbook.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23226, "path_system_subtitle": "Skilling Spellbook", "path_system_title": "Lunar Spells" }
Menaphos{ "path_system_description": "Explore the desert city of Menaphos.", "path_system_sprite_id": 31149, "path_system_subtitle": "Desert City", "path_system_title": "Menaphos" }
New{ "path_system_description": "A list of recommended quests for a novice player.", "path_system_sprite_id": 22266, "path_system_subtitle": "Adventurer", "path_system_title": "New" }
New{ "path_system_description": "An introductory path for players interested in the art of combat, including the Prayer, Herblore, Summoning and Slayer skills.", "path_system_sprite_id": 22941, "path_system_subtitle": "Combatant", "path_system_title": "New" }
New{ "path_system_description": "Things to do when exploring Lumbridge for the first time.", "path_system_sprite_id": 31949, "path_system_subtitle": "Explorer I", "path_system_title": "New" }
New{ "path_system_description": "Things to do when exploring Varrock, followed by aspirational goals for new players.", "path_system_sprite_id": 31949, "path_system_subtitle": "Explorer II", "path_system_title": "New" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to Fletching and Crafting equipment for use in Ranged combat.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23229, "path_system_subtitle": "Fletching, Crafting", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to Mining and Smithing equipment for use in Melee combat.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23232, "path_system_subtitle": "Mining, Smithing", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to the Agility, Runecrafting, and Magic skills.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23234, "path_system_subtitle": "Agility, Runecrafting, Magic", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to the Farming, Cooking and Thieving skills, centered around the quest 'Let Them Eat Pie'.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23223, "path_system_subtitle": "Farming, Cooking, Thieving", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to the Hunter, Prayer, Herblore, and Summoning skills.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23231, "path_system_subtitle": "Hunter, Prayer, Herblore, Summoning", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to the Slayer, Dungeoneering, and Construction skills.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23235, "path_system_subtitle": "Slayer, Dungeoneering, Construction", "path_system_title": "New to" }
New to{ "path_system_description": "An introduction to the basic non-combat survival skills of RuneScape: Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing, and Cooking.", "path_system_sprite_id": 23239, "path_system_subtitle": "Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing", "path_system_title": "New to" }
Prayers{ "path_system_description": "Unlock the advanced combat-boosting prayers: Chivalry (level 60), Piety (level 70), Rigour (level 70), and Augury (level 70).", "path_system_sprite_id": 23233, "path_system_subtitle": "Chivalry, Piety, Rigour, Augury", "path_system_title": "Prayers" }
Prifddinas{ "path_system_description": "Follow this path to complete Plague's End and gain access to the Elven City of Prifddinas, a high-level skilling hub.", "path_system_sprite_id": 14316, "path_system_subtitle": "Elven City", "path_system_title": "Prifddinas" }
Sliske's Endgame{ "path_system_description": "Confront the devious Mahjarrat Sliske in this 6th Age quest series finale.", "path_system_sprite_id": 29124, "path_system_subtitle": "Season Finale", "path_system_title": "Sliske's Endgame" }
Temple of Aminishi{ "path_system_description": "Enter the Temple of Aminishi to search for Seiryu, the Azure Serpent.", "path_system_sprite_id": 27769, "path_system_subtitle": "Elite Dungeons", "path_system_title": "Temple of Aminishi" }
The Arc{ "path_system_description": "Explore the Arc - the closest region of the Wushanko Isles.", "path_system_sprite_id": 27769, "path_system_subtitle": "Eastern Lands", "path_system_title": "The Arc" }
The World Wakes{ "path_system_description": "Establish a strong foundation in Fifth Age lore by completing all of the optional requirements for 'The World Wakes'.", "path_system_sprite_id": 22936, "path_system_subtitle": "Full Requirements", "path_system_title": "The World Wakes" }